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  1. Toast Restaurant in Montclair (breakfast/lunch/brunch place) has a lobster roll on the menu, though I haven't tried it and cannot speak to the authenticity: Lobster Roll Fresh lobster meat lightly tossed with a little mayo and a little lemon, served on a traditional grilled roll, hot melted butter on the side $15.95
  2. Would those be the hot and spicy PRAWNS (or so they say on the menu)? Definitely one of my favorite favorites there... ← Yes, by hot & spicy shrimp I meant the prawns; that is what we usually get. However, this time they had hot & spicy lobster as well... the sign for it was posted on the door and I know it's usually not there so it must have been a special that day.
  3. Love, love, love this place! The baby wontons in the sweet addictive sauce are always a must for us, along with a nice crispy plate of hot & spicy shrimp. Or hot & spicy soft-shell crab. Or hot & spicy twin lobsters, like we found this past weekend. Which, at $21.95, was an unbelievable bargain...
  4. Wow, this place is literally 2 minutes from my parents house ; can't believe I never knew about it! Soft shell crab po'boys... guess I'm making a trek down this weekend. If it's as good as I'm expecting, my parents are going to be surprised at how often I drop by on Fridays & Saturdays!
  5. Thanks for the tip, MJP! Picked up a box from Patel Shah on Friday (I think it was their last box - it had the paper with the price taped to it.) Unfortunately most of the ones we got had significant sized brown spots inside, but still quite delicious nonetheless!
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