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  1. Arbutus for lunch yesterday, not been for a long time, to long in fact Good bread and butter as always, well priced wine A mixture of starters all pretty good, tripe went down better than expected, pigs head was good deep flavour Just cannot help but feel the squid mackerel burger had that little to much garlic Mains, again all cooked to perfection, pork belly de jour beautiful and piggy, rabbit looked sharp and tasted better, Bavette as tasty as you will get Cod a great size portion and could not be cooked any better anywhere in London Desserts, what can I say ? Apple tatin 3star without a sh
  2. Had a very nice lunch here yesterday, booked on friday, a table for 2 at 2pm, we arrived a little early so popped in the running horse pub 50 yards down the road,for a G&T, a very nice pub with a dining room on the first floor, I had a look at the menu and will definatly be returning at some point to sample charcuterie, terrine, daube of beef, pear trifloe etc etc Now to GR at claridges A massive choice of menus, saturday lunch 5/5/5, ALC , tasting menu, we thought we would stay with the set lunch at £30 which was a good choice Amuse- beetroot and goats cheese salad, with just a fork to ea
  3. I was really genuinly disappointed as I had heard so many good things I was at Pied de terre a month or so ago, Petrus a couple of weeks ago and the Ledbury just cannot be compared in the same bracket on my experience from Saturday night It was quite tricky to get a reservation, would they just be cramping evrybody in on a saturday? Thinking they can get away with it at the weekend? Probably 4 tables in the vicinity of mine were turned, and myself and the lady on the table next to me did have a giggle about how are chairs were touching. I visited when it first opened and i just remember it to
  4. David I visited for dinner approx 9 months ago, I cannot remember exactly what I had, all very luxurious, lots of bread,lovely sliced pig as amuse, cannot remember the breed!! a ludicrously large portion of foie gras to start, I was definatly not complaining Assiete of pork, very rich, dessert not sure, large selection of cheese, I recall being very full by the end It had all the frills, service was very good beautiful room A couple of nice bottles of Burgandy and a hefty bill Definatly in my top 4 meals in london last year Liz
  5. That is absolutly perfect for the job!
  6. Went to the Ledbury for dinner last night, very disappointing considering all the rave reviews i have read, plus all the good feedback from friends who have visited Service very poor from the start, very cramped table in the middle of the room, turning tables all around us, personally i felt there was 4 or 5 to many tables in the restaurant I found the menu not very inspiring and considering its 2 star and £65 for3 courses, not many primary ingredients on the whole menu Foie gras macarron very light and flavoursome plus nice bread to start Uninspiring amuse of tuna and wasabi mayonnaise Starte
  7. Sorry that was for dinner Went to the old Petrus about 2 and a bit years ago, whole experience if i had to go again next week i would probably go new petrus, food is a bit more simple than Marcus, obviously very Gordon, in fact you could spot it a mile off,would like to go back to Marcus to see how his food has evolved since he has been on his own, in fact i will soon
  8. Evening all, Visited the new petrus last week, what a beautiful restaurant, Well worth a visit, very nice reading menu, a great deal at £55 , no supplements for now, lunch is £25, there not turning tables at the moment Canapes, Polenta chips with tomato sauce, nice enough, lacking seasoning Bread was a little poor, a couple of bought in sour doughs, a little dry, brown was better than the white Amuse, roast onion lyonnaise veloute, very tasty, very Gordon 2001, served in a beautiful little dish with a removable lid, I would not want to be reponsible for putting them on in a busy kitchen Starte
  9. Coming to vegas next week for 4 nights, where would be recommended Dinner for 2 top end, best food in vegas? Dinner for 7 mid range, i ve heard bouchon would be a good choice? anywhere else for lunches Something asian? thanks for any ideas
  10. Hi all Will be visiting New York from England in March, and looking for 1 standout meal top end, where should i go? also suggestions for a little more relaxed everyday dining all types of cuisine lunch and dinner, am there for 3 days? thanks Liz
  11. Similer to David after looking at the inspired menu had to go, so from thursday afternoon we were booked in for friday night, a room and a couple of spa treatments on the saturday We had very much the same tasting menu, a few ingredients swapped here and there, on the whole absolutly fantastic, i just thought there was maybe an ingredient to far on many of the dishes, or just not enough of the stated flavours to warrent a mention, 3 droplets of pomelo is hardly a taste, what does that bring to a dish, portions were almost to small as just when you were enjying the dish it was gone, i almost fe
  12. Sworthen, from taste of london where would you go and where not?, Can i ask how much you spent?
  13. Very valid if not claiming on expenses would not have gone myself, all i can say is well done to waitrose best dish of the night, by a long way!!!!
  14. Visited taste on Friday evening, would be interested to here anybodies else views of the event this year?
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