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  1. I know they're new to that location (less than 6 months).
  2. The spheres that I've seen at the Bradstreet Crafthouse come out quite nicely. They are not perfectly clear as I've seen in some pictures off the various websites, but have unique and beautiful patterns inside of the sphere. They definitely held their shape throughout the cocktail, i.e., didn't crack or break apart. They're using a Japanese model.
  3. You've gotta get to Ippudo. Mmmmm....
  4. Thanks; I sold my car and don't get out to Arlington Heights much, but I do appreciate the recommendation! So I went to Urban Belly yesterday and tried the ramen. I was new to the pho broth; I liked it, didn't love it. It had a tiny bit of sweetness to it. The pork belly was ample and yummy, and the noodles were pretty good. It's great to have in my neighborhood and I'll go back for more, although it's dangerously close to Kuma's AND Hot Doug's.
  5. Wow! This place looks awesome...and it's in my neighborhood!!!! I'll check it out asap...Thank you! http://www.urbanbellychicago.com/
  6. So I tried the Ramen at Ginza yesterday. Meh...I won't go back. It wasn't that it was that bad, it's just that I've been spoiled by Ippudo. The noodles were not house made and a bit thick for my taste. The broth was weak. The pork was good. I will try the other recommendation soon.
  7. Thanks! I'd just read about Ginza and planned on trying that this week!
  8. Thanks; I hope I have it right. I'm searching for the noodle bowl that has a dark, rich broth and straight ramen noodles. The one at Ippudo is the best I've ever had, with thin slices of Berkshire pork. I request it with a hard-boiled egg in it as well. The last 2 times I was in NY I went 2 out of 3 days and 3 out of 5 days; it is that good!
  9. Ok, it's official: I love Ippudo more than pizza. Does anybody out there know if there's any place in Chicago that comes close? Specifically, I'm on the hunt for the tonkotsu. Thanks!
  10. Toby and the Bradstreet Crafthouse got a great write up and video in the Star Tribune: http://www.startribune.com/entertainment/3...La7PYDUiacyKUUr Congratulations! I love those ice spheres!
  11. I just got back from Minneapolis, and La Belle Vie was excellent! I also thoroughly enjoyed Saffron, and you really should go to the Bradstreet Crafthouse in the Graves Hotel for cocktails. Their small plates are tasty, too, but the cocktails are where it's at...
  12. Oh yeah, that Velvet Fog rocks!
  13. I've got to nominate the Juliet and Romeo; clever and delicious! QUOTE(Alchemist @ Jul 6 2007, 11:31 AM) Named rather indelicately after the rose and cucumber aspects of this cocktail. The Juliet & Romeo 2.0 oz. Hendrix .75 oz. lime .75 oz. simple (1x1) 6 mint sprigs 3 slices cuke pinch of salt (or in a pinch 1/2 barspoon of olive brine) 3 drops of rose water serve up, garnish with a floating mint leaf, then spank the rest of the sprig.
  14. I celebrated Repeal Day at The Violet Hour. Started off the evening with a Coin Toss made with Old Forrester, followed by a splendid Sazerac and a wicked Widow's Kiss. Ah, and then there was, of course, Absinthe and Chartreuse to boot. It was a fine evening!!
  15. I'll second the Sazeracs and Widow's Kiss...yummy and warmmm!!
  16. Celebrated Repeal Day at The Violet Hour last night. Started off the evening with a Coin Toss made with Old Forrester, followed by a splendid Sazerac and a wicked Widow's Kiss. Ah, and then there was, of course, Absinthe and Chartreuse to boot. Thank you, Troy; we had such a blast! That glimpse of your dance moves at the end of the night was such a tease, though. And George is always the perfect host; that place just would not shine as brightly without him.
  17. Ha!! That's got to be the worst cocktail video I've ever seen! The nose-picking and the call for store-bought sweet and sour ("nobody uses fresh lime anymore") is precious.
  18. I've eaten at the bar at Eleven Madison and was offered the regular dinner menu.
  19. I've only been to PDT once, and my experience was not good. I'll have to give it another go, I suppose. I did like the concept, though.
  20. I was just there with a party of eight and had a rollicking good time in the private dining room...there's a definite fix for the formality!!
  21. Ok...I can go there, but have to put Milk and Honey and Death & Co on the list. I have been incredibly well spoiled!!
  22. Absolutely. I was in last night with a big group, so for the first time did not sit at the bar. Eden took fantastic care of us, was unrelenting in her attention to us and knowledge of drinks. Simply the best place in Chicago for cocktails!!
  23. ...so when that perfectly balanced cocktail comes upon my lips, it truly is an intricate work of art and science. Thank you.
  24. ...right! And how long to stir/shake it....makes perfect sense. Thanks!!
  25. I was mistakingly thinking that since ice is always present, that it wouldn't be a factor in ratios. I hadn't considered the type of ice or the proof of the alcohol. I have been educated....thanks, Toby!
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