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Born & raised in New York & Milwaukee, WI until I was 14, turned 15 when I went to live in Puerto Rico where I lived for almost 34 years. Learned to cook watching my mom, aunts, and cousins, plus reading the cooking Bible in PR - Cocina Criolla. Raised 3 children there and moved to Maryland when I met my husband on the internet in 1998. Moved to PA 2 1/2 years ago (2005) and was recently profiled in the local newspaper when I contributed my recipe for Coquito - a PR coconut eggnog. I live in a small town in PA, across from a cornfield. The view downhill from that field is of a farm that raises pigs and horses, only one of which I dream of on my plate. Around the corner from the cemetary down the street, I can see tasty cows

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