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  1. Journey


    I like to use strega in drinks that call for Chartreusse, (especially yellow). One drink that i like a lot, (i call it La Chavista) is:Strega, Santa Teresa Solera rum, orange bitters and burn orange peel. another great drink with Strega in it is: Strega, orgeat syrup (homemade, not the commercial crap) orange juice, lime juice and white rum, it is delicious.
  2. Journey


    I love Strega as well and i love this drink that i made with it, although i am still in search of a name for it. any ideas? 1/2 oz strega 2 oz Santa teresa Solera rum dash oj bitters burnt orange peel
  3. I am thinking of making a tobacco infused bourbon. Has anyone done this, what do people think?
  4. I made a thai chili syrup and used it in a drink with fresh watermelon, lime and gin and then did a sugar and salt rim. it was quite delicious. 1/2 oz thai chili syrup 3/4 oz fresh lime 1 1/2 0z gin a few watermelon slices muddled shake and serve up with sugar/salt rim
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