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  1. Thanks Rosie! We actually found a spanish/portugese restaurant in Bayonne that is open called Mediterraneo. My husband and I used to go there when we first got married, and the food is decent (at least its better than my mother in laws!). I'll let you know how it turns out. The most important thing isn't really the food, especially this holiday--its that we're all together and safe and healthy.... Casey....
  2. I think I need to cast my net wider. Both are of course booked solid! Anyone have alternate thoughts in nearby Essex or Bergen, or even Middlesex or Union counties? Casey (who is still adjusting to sweaters and layers after spending the week on a tropical beach!)
  3. My in laws thought they had a restaurant we were going to, but it turns out they are not open on Christmas Day (mother in law tells me this last night as we return from vacation!). Any thoughts on where we might go? We're a group of 6, and would be picking the in laws up in Bayonne prior to heading out. Thanks!
  4. We're hoping to visit Taste on the 29th with friends....will let you know how it goes! Casey
  5. Rosie, I cannot thank you enough for giving us these recommendations. We went to La Nonna Piancone, and it was simply wonderful! The portions are very large, even when sharing, and the value is terrific. Our party of four started with Mozzarella en carozza that was made with hearts of palm, a tower of crab cakes with grilled zucchini and eggplant over mesclun greens with tomato, olive and provolone, and a caesar salad. For entrees, we had a meat lasagna (that was the size of a large brick!), shrimp and crabmeat sauteed in a lemon wine sauce with spinach, olives, artichoke hearts over angel hair, and filet of farm raised salmon with artichoke hearts, raisins and pignoli nuts served over a bed of risotto (absolutely to die for). We couldn't fit in dessert, but took a piece of chocolate caramel crunch cake to go, which we shared in the car after the concert (which was amazing--the concert and the cake!). With four glasses of wine and a soda, the bill for four people before tax and tip was 贬. Definitely a place to return to! Thanks again! Casey
  6. Thanks! Looks like we're going to try an early dinner at La Nonna Piaccone...I'll try to post a report on Friday... Casey
  7. Rosie: Just to double check--are all of these places "casual dress?" We'll most likely be in jeans/khakis for the concert. Don't know how much I will actually eat, as I'm so excited--thanks for the ideas... Casey
  8. We are fortunate enough to be seeing Bruce Springsteen play a small venue charity show in Asbury Park on Thursday. Driving down the parkway from Edison area, does anyone have thoughts on where we could go for a pre-concert dinner?
  9. Thanks Mark! I'll let you know when we go and how it turns out....I'm love spicy food myself, especially good Thai, so I'm really looking forward to trying this place, which is practically in my backyard....
  10. Mie Thai is in Woodbridge....
  11. We have friends that we like to dine out with, and are thinking of making Mie Thai our next stop. My husband and I love Thai food, and our friends are eager to try new types of food, but the husband is not crazy about spicy. Is it possible for him to get something non-spicy at Mie Thai? Kim
  12. I also recommend the Polish delis in Bayonne (used to live there and buy there all the time--my mother in law is from Poland, and she buys there!)
  13. Tried Elio's in Edison last night for the first time, and was impressed with the quiet atmosphere, and the value for the money. Four of us dined, and we started with arugala salad with oranges and a lemon vinaigrette, beef carpaccio, and grilled shrimp served over a delicious garlic cream sauce that included grilled bread pieces which had soaked up the sauce (not a drop of sauce left on that plate when we were done, it was so good!). For entrees, we had pepper encrusted veal chop, veal saltimbocca, sole with shrimp and asparagus in that same garlic cream sauce, and farfalle with grilled shrimp, asparagus and sundried tomatoes in a garlic broth. Only one of us had room for dessert, which was creme brulee that was good but the custard portion was quite a bit sweeter than normal. With one alcoholic drink each, espresso and coffe, plus tax and tip, the bill came to ๥ per couple. I would definitely return. Casey
  14. Casey

    NJ Deli's??

    This may seem like a silly question in light of the topic/type of cuisine, but here goes. My husband absolutely loves good deli, and we live near Jack Coopers, but I'm a semi-vegetarian (I do eat fish, including tuna, and cheese). Would there be something for me to eat there if we go? Casey
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