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  1. I grew up in Rockaway, and lived for the soft serve ice cream at Denville Dairy! I don't know if its still owned by the Fine family, but they were also a nice group (went to high school with one of the sons), and I always feel good about patronizing family-owned establishments, as they seem to be more and more rare. And yes, Rosie, I share your love for Thomas Sweet. In college, I visited the New Brunswick location once a week. Now that my metabolism has changed, and I live a few miles away, I am both sad and relieved when I try to visit and cannot find a parking spot to stop there! Casey
  2. Can you recommend restaurants near the Convention Center and/or the new Renaissance Grand Hotel? I'm leaving for a conference there tomorrow but won't have access to a car while there. Casey
  3. I am fortunate enough to be going with some friends to see Bruce Springsteen play in Atlantic City next Friday night. We're meeting up with others to be a group of 6, and are looking for someplace decent (not a buffet!) to eat near the boardwalk. Any suggestions? Casey
  4. Casey

    Corso 98

    I just asked my husband, as I didn't taste it (I don't eat any meat but fish). He said it was a stew lovers dream, and nice and rich. It included the boar, which was excellent meat, small pearl onions, potatoes, and mushrooms. Surrounding the bread bowl was garlic-sauteed broccoli rabe. The most recent times I've been there, they've featured it on the specials menu. The last time we (I was eating meat back then) had wild boar was about 7 years ago when we were living in Ithaca, NY--a wonderful little place called Dano's on Cayuga often had it in the form of a chop--so my husband was very excited when he saw it on the menu last night and it lived up to his expectations, as did the duck appetizer. Casey
  5. Casey

    Corso 98

    Had a very nice dinner last night at Corso98 in Montclair with two other couples. I had my favorite appetizer--warm goat cheese with fried roma tomatoes and honey roated garlic and grilled bread, while others had a 1/2 serving of penne puglia (with shrimp, artichoke hearts, peas and sundried tomatoes in light cream sauce); rock shrimp risotto cake over a tomato-garlic cream; and a special roast duck leg over a bed of greens. With the exception of a doggie bag for 1/2 of the pasta (even a half portion is large), we figuratively licked the plates clean! For entrees, several had the grilled or roasted salmon dishes, which they do wonderfully. I had the special risotto, which was with shrimp and asparagus and just wonderful. My husband the adventurer had the special wild boar stew, which was served in a sourdough roll bowl. We didn't have dessert, as we had to head to the meadowlands to watch the Devils lose, but it was an excellent meal. One of the couples had never been there before, and its always fun to take them to a place we really enjoy and see them experience it for the first time--it was a hit! Casey
  6. If that's the case, I better make a reservation soon so I don't lose an opportunity for great food & service! :-) I have never been to this restaurant, but also have read all of the nice comments. My brother literally lives down the street from the restaurant, and I guess its time we take him and his wife there for dinner. Casey
  7. Swissmiss, they do write back--that's how I "lobbied" them when I lived in Bridgewater. Let us know when you do hear from them. Casey
  8. Words cannot describe how happy this makes me! I lived in Ithaca for several years and fell in love with Wegmans, and was very sad when I had to move back to NJ and resume shopping in the A&Ps and Stop n' Shops of the world. I moved to Bridgewater and lobbied Wegmans hard, and was even invited to a private pre-opening tour of that store, but we had already relocated to Metuchen. I may finally be able to get some really great options for the vegetarian in me, without driving far! Casey
  9. With the love him/hate him comment, it sounds like Jack McDavid is to Philly as Bobby Flay is to Manhattan!
  10. Went there on Sunday for dinner, and had a wonderful meal. They start you off with hot from the oven buttermilk biscuits with your choice of butter or a peach apple spice jam (that's where the diet began to be thrown out the window). After reading the positive reviews on Citysearch, two of us ordered the crabcake appetizer, and two the pulled pork. Both were wonderful. The crabcakes were served over a "salad" of chopped tomato and cucumber in a vinaigrette, and the crabcakes were made with nice size chunks of fresh crabmeat. The pulled pork was served with homemade potato chips. It was excellent, with a good smoky flavor. For entrees, we had seared trout with a grilled corn salsa and shrimp, the "tongue smacking" ribs, and seared chilean sea bass with spinach and crispy shrimp grits. Everything was excellent, and they served the sides (mashed potatoes, green beans and collard greens) family style in the center. Dessert did not dissapoint either, and we had wild rice pudding, chocolate chip pecan pie, and apple cobbler--all were served with a small but decadent brownie on the side, and the check was presented with oatmeal raisin cookies. We ate about half of the desserts there, and the waitress cheerfully wrapped the rest up with the cookies and we took them to go, eating what was left while sitting in traffic in the car after the concert ended. Great meal, great show, great night! Casey
  11. Has anyone been there recently? Thoughts? Thinking about going there tomorrow prior to seeing Bruce Springsteen concert....
  12. Each year, we get my parents a gift certificate to a nice restaurant for Christmas, the goal being to send them someplace they wouldn't spend the money for themselves. They live in Rockaway in Morris County, and so far we have sent them to Scalini Fedeli, L'Allegria, Grand Cafe, Blackforest Inn, American Grill, most recently Andre's (which they absolutely loved), and the italian place in Parsippany or Whippany that NJMonthly always has near the top of its poll (name escapes me). They have really enjoyed each one. Anyone have any thoughts on additional nice choices in that area? Casey
  13. Thanks so much everyone! This was truly helpful.
  14. My sister in law finally got engaged. She doesn't want a traditional, froo froo young brides wedding. We found a fabulous caterer, but now need to find a very nice club or hall in north or central NJ that will allow you to bring in your own caterer. I know this is slightly off topic, but I'm hoping one of the worldly posters on this forum might have an idea! Oh, and my husband and I are going to Stage House Inn on Sunday--I'll definitely give a report. Casey
  15. I work at MSU, so please extend my welcome to your sister! The diner on campus is close, so its convenient in that respect, but it is VERY slow, so I only recommend going there when you have a lot of time to kill! (lunch averages 1 1/2 - 2 hours, even when its not at all crowded). My Montclair favorites are Blue Sky and Corso 98. I also like Toscana on Valley Road near the A&P. For a quick lunch bite, I like Evergreen (lots of choices for a vegetarian like myself). My colleagues also love Indigo Smoke. Casey
  16. Can someone share the dress code for Caspita? We have chosen to go there but, as I mentioned, are going to a concert at the Arts Center immediately afterwards and want to dress comfortably, but appropriately. Thanks. Casey
  17. I was just reading some reviews on Caspita! It sounds like a good choice, especially for our foursome (with one semi-vegetarian and three eclectic meat eaters!)
  18. We're going to a concert at PNC this week, and hoping to find someplace nearby to dine (instead of the usual tailgating!) We'll be driving down from the Edison area, and ideally would like something on the way down the Parkway or in its vicinity. Thanks! Casey
  19. We took her to Park & Orchard last year when she was getting around better, so this time we took Rosie's advice and brought takeout from Village Gourmet. She hadn't been eating much, but really enjoyed their shrimp scampi and filet mignon. I told her that after her knee surgery and physical therapy, I'll take her to Mignon to celebrate.... Casey
  20. Each year, I take my Mom to see a skating show at the Meadowlands. We usually pick up my great aunt beforehand and take her out for a nice dinner. Unfortunately, problems with her knees are keeping us from continuing that part of the tradition. I'm wondering if there are some nice restaurants in the area of Rutherford or East Rutherford (she lives in Wallington) where I can pick up a nice dinner for the three of us and bring it to her. Cafe Matisse would be a little too eclectic for her, but I would love to bring her something very nice. Any thoughts? Casey
  21. Rosie, have you heard anything on an upcoming shellfish/wine dinner they are planning? Heard a rumor but didn't see anything on the website....
  22. The women wore the standard black slacks, shell and trendy blazer, while the men wore button down shirts and pants, no ties. The one other observation the men made, which I found interesting, was my friend's husband noticed the amount of heavy duty jewelry on the female patrons--my husband noticed the heavy duty plastic surgery! Call me crazy, but I was way too into my food to notice....
  23. Had an absolutely wonderful meal last night at Cafe Matisse. We went with another couple, who enjoyed it just as much. They changed their menu during the last few weeks (since we made the reservation in fact). For appetizers (copied from website or I'd never remember), we had Panko crusted crabcakes with toasted corn and black bean salsa, guacamole, lime vinaigrette and chipotle syrup; the smoked sliced duck breast baked on herbal caramelized onion flatbread with gorgonzola, pear walnut and date compote with mizuna greens and truffled fig vinaigrette; and the thinly sliced blackened swordfish with shaved fennel, tarragon, candied pearl onions and baby organic greens with orange truffle vinaigrette. For entrees, we had the Pan seared veal filet medallions with roasted eggplant herbal timbale with wild mushroom strudel baked with montbriac cheese, roasted garlic créme and rosemary glace; the Pan charred filet mignon of beef with cajun creole spiced lemon shrimp with black bean goat cheese cassoulet and cilantro cumin créme fraiche; and the Miso soy marinated Chilean sea bass and hoison glazed shrimp with stir fry of root vegetables topped with fried wontons and orange chili ginger syrup and hoison glace. I do not exagerate when I say our plates were completely cleaned except for the parsley! For dessert (from memory), we had melt-in-your-mouth warm chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce; and the banana panna cotta with some additional sides I cannot recall (husband wouldn't let me have any!). The men had double espresso, and the women had a hazlenut latte with shaved white and milk chocolate on top that was easily the best latte I've ever had! The one observation we all made was regarding the portion sizes. They were not overly large, and in fact all thought they were the perfect size. We all left satisfied from a hunger standpoint, but not overstuffed. I would definitely go back....Casey
  24. Going tonight--does anyone know the dress code?
  25. I'm being the good aunt and taking my niece and nephew to see the Lion King (42nd near Bway) in a few weeks. Besides the Olive Garden, which I'd prefer not to visit, are there any kid friendly restaurants in the area for lunch or early dinner? Casey
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