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  1. justin, thanks for the rec on super h-mart. i ended up going the day after your post and really enjoyed it. i posted a review in a new thread.
  2. i found myself at Super H-Mart the day after tetsujustin's recommendation. sorry for the delay in posting this review, i just couldn't find the time to figure out how to load photos from our visit into a post. Super H-Mart is an impressive supermarket period. the fact that it is an asian/korean market, it doesn't stink at all, and it's super clean makes it even better. my mother tells me it opened on may 1st in a building which previously housed a randall's. a quick google search on the web revealed that it is part of a large chain of korean grocery stores nationwide. there are 26 locations currently in cities such as denver, seattle, and philadelphia with another 6 slated to open. the houston location is located at 1302 Blalock, just north of 1-10 @ westview. the food court is modern and impressive. flat screen tvs and professional marketing materials adorn most of the food stalls. the bakery was so popular that everything was almost sold out. next there is a counter that sells bubble tea. after that, a korean fried chicken franchise, then a chinese stall, a sushi stall, a place that sells korean snacks, a dumpling place that wasn't opened yet, and lastly a korean food stall. (sorry, the photos are a bit blurry. i used my camera phone.) the korean fried chicken franchise, toreore, only sells chicken right now (no sides), but i like their motto, "chicken and joy." you can buy 7 or 14 pieces only and the pieces are small as they cut the thighs and breasts in half so they are about the size of wings and legs. orders come with a side of pickled white radish. get the #6 which is the HOT sweet & spicy chicken. i was warned twice that the chicken was really spicy. her third warning in which she told me it would make me cry, didn't deter me either. it only made me anxious to get some in my mouth. the chicken was tender and delicious and i found myself breaking a small sweat on my second piece (no tears though). from the korean food stall on the opposite end of the food court, we also ordered a bibimbap with beef which came in a heated stone bowl. it definitely beat the one i've had at komart. the sides included sliced fish cake, julienned potatoes, and cucumber kim chee. it came with a bowl of miso soup. we also ordered the soft tofu soup with seafood. it was good but not as good as the tofu village version. here are some photos of the seafood dept. there are 2 flatscreen tvs broadcasting CNN mounted on the ceiling. i guess the fishmongers are pretty up-to-date on their current events. here is a tank of live abalone: i was also impressed by their selection of vinegars: my friend and i were giddy as we left H-mart. our bellys were full and happy and we were just delighted to discover this new gem in town. i can imagine komart is going to suffer with it's new neighbor down the street.
  3. just went to tortas el angel for a late lunch. i had the cubano too. the bread was delicious, the quesilla cheese was good but would have been better melted. the ham and pork (both cold) were nothing too special. but when i put some of the salsa verde on it -- oh my gosh it was completely transformed into a whole other level of deliciousness. my dining companion had a torta with chorizo and it was excellent! the chorizo was in flavorful, in largish chunks, had a great crispy texture, and wasn't greasy. i look forward to going back. maybe this time i'll try the tortaburger that robb walsh wrote about in his review. or one with eggs a la mexicana, bacon and melted cheese.
  4. just went to tortas el angel for a late lunch. i had the cubano too. the bread was delicious, the quesilla cheese was good but would have been better melted. the ham and pork (both cold) were nothing too special. but when i put some of the salsa verde on it -- oh my gosh it was completely transformed into a whole other level of deliciousness. my dining companion had a torta with chorizo and it was excellent! the chorizo was in flavorful, in largish chunks, had a great crispy texture, and wasn't greasy. i look forward to going back. maybe this time i'll try the tortaburger that robb walsh wrote about in his review. or one with eggs a la mexicana, bacon and melted cheese.
  5. my friends with good food-cred have been raving about a dive called the cajun greek. they go mainly for fresh crab. apparently the owner is a crabber. http://www.galveston.com/thecajungreek/ has anyone been? i'd love a review.
  6. neverfull

    [HOU] Soma

    justin, have you made it out to soma yet? thoughts? i'm very curious as alison cook's review of soma last week was a lot more favorable than my own here back in january. although yellowtail belly and salmon belly seemed to be permanent items on their sushi menu, they have some issues with the quality of most of their sushi which i'm not ready to forgive them for.
  7. i second the uchi recommendation for the best sushi in texas
  8. i stopped in there for lunch last week. i got there around 1. i got the 2 meat dinner for $8.50. from the houston press reviews i expected the brisket to be so tender it was falling apart. it was not, but it was still pretty good and my lunch came with a ridiculous amount of it. however, the ribs really impressed me. they were very meaty and fell off the bone after a few bites. the dirty rice was good, the smashed potato salad a little too sweet for my taste, but i still ate it. i ate almost exactly half of my lunch and took the rest to go. i ate the leftovers over the course of the next 3 days. anyone know what's up with her sweet tea? it was ridiculously sweet and had a strange aftertaste. maybe from lemon juice from concentrate? also, thelma who was behind the counter that day was not very nice.
  9. thanks for the tip. i was never impressed with anything i tasted at komart but the bibimbap and a couple soups even though i keep going to take friends there for the experience. can't wait to check out h-mart!
  10. these photos are ridiculous! and queen lola she closes on sundays to feed the homeless? we need to support more people like this. i will make sure to stop at lola's the next time i'm in austin. thanks for this posting, kent.
  11. i still go to gaido's when i'm in galveston, although i'll admit it's mostly for sentimental reasons. i remember my parents taking me and my brother there 20+ years ago. i remember thinking that it was a fancy restaurant back then, but i must have been 8 years old. i've noticed that people are dressed very casually when they dine there now. the proliferation of chain restaurants on the seawall and near the strand over the past 10 years is disgusting. so i'll still visit this old standby. i like the soup sampler and the oyster platter. sure, it's not a mindblowing meal, but it is a good one worth the nostagia, view of the gulf, and more importantly, to keep my money out of the tillman fertitta's pockets and help preserve this precious texas landmark.
  12. check out pasha restaurant in the village: http://www.epasha.com/index.htm it's in a small house on university. white table cloths, pricier. their pita, hummus, and homemade yogurt is excellent. istanbul is more of a lunch place, i prefer pasha for dinner.
  13. i heard they were opening in a couple weeks. you can sign up for their mailing list @ http://www.beavershouston.com/
  14. i've been impressed with the cocktail menu at mark's. ken, the bar manager at mark's is a great mixologist and infuses his own vodkas. go there, sit at the bar and order cocktails and appetizers. and ask ken what he has special back there. he had a pear and ginger vodka earlier this year that was heavenly. reef also has an interesting cocktail menu. there was something with grapefruit in it that wasn't too sweet or tart.
  15. i don't know if my waistline can handle multiple visits next week, but i'm excited that everyone is so delighted with himalaya. plus, it's a fairly far drive for me. thanks for the tip on the saag paneer. i probably would have ordered it. and thanks for the suggestion of skipping arirang. i'll try komart first and then maybe seoul garden or korean garden for a proper dinner. do you have any suggestions on must-orders? i love spicy food. btw, i was very happy with the tofu soup and BBQ short ribs at tofu village and have been their twice in the last month. the side dishes were unexceptional though.
  16. the tacambero truck wasn't there last month either when i went by. yes, hopefully they have just been taking some time off lately.
  17. i'm glad you agree that 13 celsius is great. i like the sparse, loft-like decor, the lack of a pretentious scene, and it is never jammed packed full of people. i feel comfortable walking in in jeans or in a gown before a gala. i've been visting since february and ian is doing a great job with the place. this is a good spot to relax with a few friends on the sofas and easily have a conversation. i like to come here on a tue or wed night. but i agree, a little pricey. although they are lacking a true food menu, the cheese plate is not to be missed. the sottocenere (sp?), italian cheese with truffles is excellent. i buy it from WF all the time now. when i want something more energetic, i head to ibiza lounge, the wine bar next door to ibiza. great prices ($22 for a bottle of cava or prosecco). a dark, sexier bar, it's always either packed in there or empty. the crowd is inconsistent -- sometimes lots of suits, sometimes people who looked like they accidentally stumbled across the place, sometimes true party types. this place is just gorgeous inside. reminds me of going out in manhattan. overall, great value for the wine and the ambience. have you been to 3rd bar at reef yet? it's the bar on the other side of reef restaurant. the wine list is exceptional and at such a low mark-up (i had a bottle of turley cab for $75). the cocktails are pricey. it's a large, spacious open bar, but the atmosphere is missing something. it's a shame b/c the restaurant proper is so gorgeous. maybe it's the half empty shelves they have behind the bar that turn me off. but the bar menu is great (snapper carpaccio, beef sliders, fries w/sriracha mayo) and is served until midnight or 2 am depending on the night.
  18. FYI, i just heard jonathan jones, the chef from max's, is leaving. i can't remember the restaurant that he is moving to but it is a chain restaurant outside the loop. the woodlands, maybe? sorry, i already had a little too much to drink when i got this bit of news and i knew i would never be going there. i was very sad to hear this as max's is one of my favorite places to eat. i consider max's much more of a restaurant than wine bar. after all, there are more people eating there, than just drinking wine. not only that, but when you are sitting at the bar not eating, you feel like you should be as you notice all the gourmet comfort food coming out of the open kitchen. i know this is an old thread, but have you guys checked out 13 celsius on the corner of anita and san jac?
  19. this discussion topic is a great idea. after some careful thought, i compiled a list of of restaurants i have been meaning to try: himalaya polonia chez georges charivari kanomwan arirang VIN tacambero taco truck i have himalaya tentatively scheduled for lunch next week. i'll report back.
  20. i completely agree and we just seem to be getting more of them. bob's is a disappointment (dined there twice). del frisco's is opening in the galleria on nov 19.
  21. went to brasserie max and julie for the second time this week. it's owned by the cafe rabelais folks. service was impeccable on our first visit, but on this visit, we sent the veal chop we ordered medium rare back because it was overcooked. after the server came back to the table to report that the chef would not cook it any less than medium, we asked to speak to the manager. the manager said there was a misunderstanding in the kitchen with the sous chef and said he would take care of everything. it took 50 mins for the replacement chop to arrive at the table. by this time, the others at the table were already drinking coffee. this was a very annoying experience. as for the food, i've been very impressed with the menu items we've ordered: steak tartare (entree, but we order this as an appetizer), fois gras maison (terrine), the salad with fourme d'ambert, veal chop, duck cassoulet, rais grenobloise (skate wing), cauliflower au gratin, profiteroles. i'd skip the pommes dauphine next time though.
  22. i'm surprised no one has mentioned the truffled egg toast appetizer. it's a thick piece of crusty country bread topped with an egg (not sure if it was fried over easy or dropped into the bread and broiled), parmegiano-reggiano, truffle oil, and shaved black truffles. for $12, one of the best deals in houston, hands down.
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    Yum... thanks for the post Staats15... The Duck Ham was next on my list to try there anyway. maybe i can try to sneak in there on Friday.
  24. neverfull


    Has anyone been to Craft for lunch during restaurant week? Please share... I'm dying to know what was on the menu.
  25. neverfull


    I visited Compass twice within the first 3 months they opened last year and BOTH times the service was horrible. not just bad but laugh out loud blatantly HORRIBLE.... it's been awhile since then but here are just a few things that happened that i can still remember: 1. it took more than 10 mins to be greeted when we first sat down 2. it took 25-30 mins for our entree to arrive after our appetizers with no recognition or apology from the wait staff 3. when i ordered a bottle of wine (1 of the 4 sancerres on the menu), the waiter asked me what number it was on the wine list. if he didn't know the wine list by memory, he should have at least tried to remember what i said and looked it up later. 4. the bottle of sancerre wine arrived at the table only slightly colder than room temperature
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