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  1. Hi All, I am spending a few days in Erie, Pennsylvania and wanted to know if anyone has places to recommend, anything from bakeries to markets to fine dining - just want to avoid industrial food. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Mark
  2. I wanted to call attention to a new, excellent restaurant in Cleveland suburb Shaker Heights, OH: The Middle East Grill. I've been twice now and each time after the first bite I've looked up and exclaimed to my dining companions "Wow!" Which doesn't really happen a lot. The chef is Lebanese with French training. I had a Mesaa'a which the chef had transformed with some lamb into a French-style stew. The ingredients were incredibly fresh and flavorful, spices aromatic. I cannot wait to go back. http://www.middleeastgrille.com
  3. I forgot to report back on my experience in Annapolis at the beginning of May: My wife and I went to Level (West St) on Friday, Severn Inn for lunch on Sat, and McGarvey's on Sat for dinner. We also had lunch on Sunday at Rustico in Stevensville, MD. The owners at Rustico also own Luna Blue on West St in Annapolis. Level: This little tapas space had not only very fresh, farm-to-table ingredients expertly prepared, but two bartenders who mix as well as I have seen in more famous places like Pegu Club, Death & Co., etc. The classic Sazerac I had (pic below) was perfectly balanced, and again
  4. Hi Everyone - any updates to this topic? I'm in the Annapolis city center for 4-5 days next week. I visit my parents Kent Island and I get around that side of the bridge a lot, but I never seem to get a chance to visit restaurants in Annapolis itself. Anyway, would love to hear what people like and if there are any major updates from the contents in this thread. Thanks!
  5. Had an absolutely awful meal here Tuesday evening. Seriously. I had a *much* better English dinner at my hotel (Brown's) this evening. I found the cuisine to be half-hearted (we had sole which was dry, a filet overdone, and grouse overdone), and the service to be as Mr. Grant indicates in his initial post on this thread. I liked it better when the cuisine was so-so but the stuffed heads were on the walls. Hospital Road is on Monday. My sincere hopes for better London cuisine.
  6. If you didn't make it to PDT last time then you should hit it! (go early or late and sit at the bar) ← Many thanks to all who have provided input. I have the following golden tidbits of information on my experience to share: - My very best friend in the world, who lives in Brooklyn, met me at PDT tonight and swears by Clover Club. And she was not simply doing this to increase the perceived value of living in her neighborhood... - We very much enjoyed the PDT "Staggerac" as well as a champagne cocktail... - We then went to Death and Co. Our intention was only to sit for a single round... h
  7. Hello wonderful New York Cocktailians... I'm back in town through Wednesday afternoon... any new places / bartenders / cocktails over the past 6 mos you'd recommend? Thanks in advance, Ricain
  8. Hi Everyone - in Toronto spending a few days on vacation... which means for me the need for excellently mixed libations... Any recommendations from the locals? Establishments mentioned to me to date: - Ki - Bymark - Resevroir Lounge (not sure this is exactly right) - Pravda - One - Canoe - Nyood - Kulturs - Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar Anyway, would love your suggestions as I am sure there are excellent places here...
  9. Thanks for posting this Edsel. I'm not familiar (yet) with the restaurant and it looks lovely.
  10. I did not - our schedule was tight and I was cutting it close just getting some time off to visit in peace. But there is a great list the next time I am there.
  11. hey everyone - first of all THANK YOU to everyone who posted or PM'd. a lot of great suggestions and hopefully next time i'll be able to build more time into my itinerary... With time for only one venue, I chose Death & Co, and was seated at the bar in a relatively short period of time (thank you KELVIN!) and met Juaquin, who was fantastic helping me actually figure out what I wanted to drink. I decided on "bourbon with fruit" as a general theme and he made a version of a Brown Derby, with Knob Creek to bring out the spice and substituting a cinnamon - sugar mix over the traditional honey.
  12. Thanks Everyone - Mayur I will try not to "speed" when I am there!! Due to a (happy) confluence of events, it appears I'll be able to do Death & Co (and who knows if I totally blow off a friend maybe PDT) on Monday and Little Branch on Tues. I'm really tempted by PDT - the "Staggerac" looks fantastic... I'll let you know the results...
  13. Hi Everyone - I am on a business trip next week and will have just enough time to visit only *one* of the amazing lounges / speakeasies under discussion here. It would need to be in proximity to the west village and I would probably have to visit early in the evening. Probably Tues or Weds. Based on discussion and feedback from friends, contenders seem to be: - PDT - Death & Co - Flatiron Lounge - Employees Only - Pegu Club - Little Branch - Elettaria Using quality / creativity of the cocktails as the main criterion, any thoughts as to which should be chosen? Thanks in advance.
  14. REPORT: We had the pleasure of visiting the Eastern Shore during a particularly beautiful weekend (Apr 21). My parents live on Kent Island and I love the opportunity to dine in the region. Here is a report on the places visited: - Ram's Head Tavern (Stephensville): went the night we arrived because we did not want to drive any more that day and it is close by. Overall, it was pretty so-so, in fact had some new menu items and had lost a little in quality. The service was spotty (note we had a new server) and the mircobrews were OK. Overall pretty tame - not bad per se just not very interesting.
  15. Hi several questions (since I am here now!): - How is the Inn at Perry Cabin doing? I had dinner there two years ago (Chef Salter) and it was fantastic. Would like to try something new, so recommendations welcome. - Someone recommended Robert Morris Inn in Oxford. Any thoughts? - I was told the Grove Market in Bishopsville, MD (Ocean City) was worthy Finally, is there anything on Kent Island that stands out? With only a night or two here are there any "don't miss" places? Thank you!
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