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  1. Damn. Don't have either of those. Would a 1:1 mix of Noilly Prat Dry and Punt e Mes be a disaster in this drink?
  2. Is there anything people would suggest substituting for the Dolin Blanc? I really want to try an Eeyore's Requiem tonight but don't have any Dolin Blanc.
  3. JM, what do you use this syrup for? Someone bought me Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup (and their Preserved Lemon Syrup) and I'm looking for good cocktail uses for it.
  4. mhdousa


    Just curious: How much do the omakase tend to cost at Fuji?
  5. Don't know about "rarest", but we had amazing visits to Bodegas Benegas and Andeluna. Both had beautiful grounds and fantastic wines. Achaval Ferrer was decent - wine was good, tour guide was quite nervous and didn't give a great tour. Ruca Malen had a fantastic lunch. Salentein was big and impersonal and the lunch wasn't very good.
  6. What are you planning on using the final product for? ← Uh, drinking, I guess... Really, I hadn't thought that far in advance. The combination just sounded good to me. Any suggestions?
  7. I realize that - the problem is that my infusion has that synthetic cherry flavor that's in cough syrup.
  8. 750 ml vodka 2 lbs red cherries (washington state?) - pitted and cut up about 40 turns of a pepper grinder (coarse) of sichuan peppercorns (i have been adding more peppercorns over the last week as my original amount didn't given it much flavor) airtight container in the refrigerator. hope this helps! thanks. -M
  9. Hi all- I'm working on a cherry and sichuan pepper-infused vodka. It's been sitting for about 6 days in the refrigerator and it's started to take on a bit of a cough syrup taste? I'm using Svedka vodka which I think is pretty good quality. Any thoughts as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! -M
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    Hi all, First post here... I was at this dinner. It was my first time experiencing Shola's food and I was pretty blown away by it (especially by the soup and dessert). I was chatting with him before the dinner (Gotta be honest - I might have developed a slight man-crush on him, and I don't just get those for anyone) and he said that he was going to be doing these monthly. I haven't seen anything mentioning the next dinner he is doing - anyone have any idea when and where it is? I've been craving his food since then. Feel free to PM if you don't want to post publicly. Thanks. This is a fantastic board and I've learned tons since moving to Philly in July. Katie, I can't wait to make it to M to try out one of your fantastic concoctions. -M
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