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  1. You said "I'm craving good North Carolina barbecue. I've read the recommendations here for Allen & Sons in Chapel Hill, and The Q Shack in Durham. Both sound really good."
  2. I have had the Black Perigord truffles from Hillsborough's own Franklin Garland over the years (since '98 I believe) and can tell you that they are succeptable to fine and poor quality seasons, like most other crops. In the poor years, they are fairly mild and rarely worth the money. But during outstanding years (about one in four) they are as good as any that I have had in France, Italy or Spain, including truffle meals at Beaugraviere and Georges Blanc. Not to mention that he sells them for a song comparatively. Your best bet is too smell and examine them before you purchase. In great years, the smell is so overwhelming in the room that you cannot think about anything else in their presence! If you have to get close to them for a whiff, skip it.
  3. Our recent meal at Piedmont was also outstanding. This is a spot that is deserving of recognition and customers not just from Durham, but the entire Triangle. I'm really happy with what they have done so far, and look forward to many more meals there.
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    Champagne Bubbles

    Actually, Riedel claims purposefully to makes their bubbly stems with a rough patch at the bottom of the interior crystal to induce better streams of bubbles. Eric ← that, and crystal is rougher textured then glass, too, which is why it's more suitable for wine in general. The rougher texture creates a sort of micro-aeration of the wine, furthering the release of the bouquet. ← If you haven't tried them yet, the crystal stemware from Eisch is very cool. The micro-texture in them is enhanced to allow a further immediate oxidation in the wine. I was skeptical, but after trying them out, I was convinced. Google them for comments from Parker, Tanzer and such.
  5. The store has had two poor ownerships since Bob Fowler sold it in '98. Neither of them understood the soul of what Fowler's was about. To me, Bob's store was always strictly about the food (and wine) without any pretense, actually the opposite. Bob was notorious for knowing and loving food as much as any of the biggest foodies, but just as much for breaking down the pomposity of his customers with a dirty joke, a blunt opinion, and a "I don't care what you think of me" attitude. Many people just thought he was some dirty bagger, possibly homeless. It was a great contrast to A Southern Season's prettiness and stodginess and the selection was always more authentic. The two new ownerships never lived up to that attitude that "it's really just about the food." That's why they failed.
  6. FYI, the working name for this restaurant was Clementine's. Southern indeed! I like the way that Kevin and Stacey work at a focused pace in their growth as the Urban Restaurant Group and within each of their restaurants. They have quality operations that begin modestly and become successful. The only fault I have ever found with their establishments was their conspicuous wine list at Vivace.
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