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  1. Aquilla is a great choice. The food is excellent as is the service. They know how to treat groups and serve your wine. I must take exception to the positive comments on Cinque Figlie. I was there this past Saturday night. Although the food is quite good, the service is horrible. No one seems to know what they are doing. Furthermore, the room is extremely noisy.
  2. Lillacs in Millburn on Millburn Ave is very good. It is a BYOB but you need reservations. Sinclaire's is good and a BYOB. Hillary's in Springfield on Morris Ave is a BYOB. It is Chinese. The food is very good. Very casual. The service is fair.
  3. Napa Grill in Paramus is excellent. Pretty restaurant and excellent California wine list.
  4. I've been to Peter Luger's on several occasions and find the steaks excellent. I've never experienced gruff service. I haven't been to the Old Homestead in many years but I practically grew up there(my father had a business on W.16 th street). Lately I've been going to Ben Benson's and I find the sirloin and filet mignon excellent. The fries, hash browns and creamed spinach are incredible! The service is very professional as well.
  5. I haven't seen Dennis in many years. He was always a talented chef. Dennis and I were quite friendly at that time. I'm not sure how many remember Dennis and John's(Foy) original Tarragon Tree which was in Meyersville. It was truly fantastic! At that time there were few really superb restaurants like it in New Jersey. This is very nostalgic!
  6. Alfredo is now working at Rosse's Cafe in Martinsville. The food is quite good and very reasonable.
  7. It is located in Echo Plaza in Springfield but I do not believe it is related to the other restaurants. It's been there for a few years but it did change names.
  8. Has anyone been to Equoqua in Springfield. I work in the area and happened to see a blackboard of specials that looked interesting but I haven't been there.
  9. I like Joclyn's, Short Hills Hilton (Dining Room), Lilacs in Millburn, Tre Vigne, ethnic restaurants particularly Thai like Origins and many others.
  10. Can someone recommend a good upscale restaurant besides Piccholine(which I love) or Cafe des Artistes(which I'm not crazy about)?
  11. Sorry but I have been there twice and was not impressed. I think the fish at Sinclaire's in Millburn is fresher and I do not think Sinclaire's is spectacular but it is dependable.
  12. Chanterrelle in Tri-Beca has a corkage fee. I've brought wine there but several years ago. I do not know the amount but it is not inexpensive. Of course, based on their very expensive wine list, it would be embarrasing to bring anything less than spectacular.
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