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  1. Does anybody know any good cocktails that use tonic water (besides the obvious ones like Gin & Tonic, Vodka & Tonic and Rum & Tonic)? I'm starting a company selling "premium" tonic water (it's called Q Tonic), and I'm updating the website. I figured it'd be nice to suggest a few new drinks for the world. The two that I like are one made with fresh ginger juice and vodka and a summer sangria where the tonic replaces the champagne. Does any one particularly like any other ones? And just in case anyone's wondering, production (specifically the silkscreening) is taking longer than I hoped, so we're looking more like April rather than March for our launch. But I took the advice of the few of you who I sent prototype bottles to - I've made the final recipe a little sharper and a little more carbonated. I'm real happy with it and I'll be happy to send some along once it's ready. Thanks, and if you have any questions, my email is Jordan@qtonicwater.com Jordan
  2. Sorry for disappearing - it's been real hectic keeping up with the article’s aftermath. Q Tonic actually won’t be at your favorite watering hole until later in February. I’ll certainly let you all know when and where.
  3. Ditto. I actually like it better than Pernod as stomach defragmenter after a big meal. same here. national drink of the czech republic i was told after quite a few. . course, my memory could be a little fuzzy. ←
  4. I had this exact issue 2 years back and after a ton of experimenting in my kitchen and then contracting with a food scientist, I'm in now the process of starting a company making what I'm calling "premium" tonic water. I'm calling it Q Tonic because of the real Quinine. And it's made with quinine from Peru (an extract sold by Zooscape - after a bunch of agonizing I finally accepted that they make it much better than I could) and organic Agave as the sweetener. As a result, it's significantly less sweet/more sharp than regular tonic water, has 80% percent fewer calories, and has a 85% lower Glycemic rating, and it's all natural. I describe it as having a "quick sharpness and a gently rounded sweetness" and I think it mixes great with good gins. I just finished my glass bottles this week and next week I'm getting a trial batch made at a contract packer. If anyone would like to taste it, please let me know. I'd be happy to send you a couple of bottles and I'd love to hear what you guys think. My email is: Jordan@qtonicwater.com (jordan@qtonicwater.com), just drop me an email. -Jordan
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