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  1. sadistick,

    I think my like of Restaurant Makeover stems from my penchant for the old days of Trading Spaces on TLC. Mix that up with some good cooking, and I'm happy.

    I fully agree with you about Rachel Ray though... why is she still on TV?

    As for Food Jammers, I think it's mildly amusing to see how far three obvious potheads can go on Food TV... but only mildly amusing.

    It's sad to see the true chefs disappearing from TV, to be replaced by the likes of Rachel and Giada.

  2. The Food Network (Canada), despite being my go-to channel, definitely annoys me at times. So many of the shows are utter crap, not worthy of viewers' minutes, yet they persist year after year. More so if the personalities in question are lithe young women. There's an excellent recent article in the New Yorker about the Food Network, and the writer's experience of watching 72 hours of it one weekend.

    To me, the great shows on the Canadian channel are the original Iron Chef, Restaurant Makeover (for my Toronto food fix), and Good Eats (Alton Brown should be worshipped).

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