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  1. "Rub half a lemon into the pit of your drinking arm... wear a gauze surgical mask soaked in sake... eat a fried canary... suck down a pickled sheeps eye in tomato juice..." Think I'll cling to the relative safety of a spicy Bloody Mary...
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    It's as good/better than the FG Terrine at Chambar?
  3. I definitely agree with Lee about Chambar, and I would make sure that I have a reservation, because the wait can be up to two hours even early in the week. Although I love Salt , I don't recommend it for dinner. It's a great place to go before or after dinner, or just for some nibbles, but it's not really for a meal.
  4. I last ate in Brisbane in 2002, so it's been some time, but......... Anise (tiny wine bar on Brunswick St in New Farm) fantastic French food, awesome service, atmosphere, wines. Don't know if Tony still owns it, nor if Chris or Bec still work there, but if they do, they'll take great care of you! Gianni's is in the CBD, between the Port Office and II (which is also exceptional), right near the gardens. Incredible wine list, impeccable food, spot-on service in a beautiful space. It's also a lovely place for lunch, there's a pretty courtyard at the front, and they have a toned-down lunch menu.
  5. I second The Owl as a great Korean joint, their Gam ja tang (Porkbone and Potato Soup) is to die for, and the Kimchi jjigae (Kimchi soup) is also excellent. New Sky on Spadina is great for Chinese (put yourself into the hands of your waiter, and you'll get some amazing food that itsn't on the English menu. For more high-end (without necessarily blowing the budget) I'd recommend Senor Antonio {Portugese tapas bar attached to Chiado} - same great wines and excellent service in a more relaxed situation and less $$$; and Rosebud, a tiny hole in the wall on Queen at Bathurst: the winelist is small but very carefully chosen with some real gems (and reasonable mark-ups), and exceptional food. Torito provided one of the best Toronto dining experiences I've had. Food was excellent, the room is great, the service knowledgable and friendly (so rare), the sort of place you drop into for 'just one glass' and then stay for hours chatting with staff or with your friend(s). It is tapas, so you could make it or SA an afternoon snack / sip stop on your way elsewhere. Enjoy your time in Toronto, it's certainly the time of year to go! (Edited to add that I love Gam ja tang too!)
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