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  1. Nakama Sushi opened up recently in Langley.
  2. Been in Regina for about 4 weeks now. Tried Michi and was a little disappointed. Not sure if it was in the quality of the ingredients, if it was poorly made or if I just ordered the wrong stuff; but everything was pretty blah. Will probably hit Greko's next week, if I have time and Zest after that. Unable to upload pics yet, will hopefully be able to do that soon. Edit: A friend of mine is recommending Beer Bros. Anyone been there before? The menu looks interesting.
  3. Ah, don't know why I assumed it was in Regina. I'll have to find where it is and see if it's possible to get there and back in time.
  4. Thanks Synergy, I guess I have 3 places to try so far. Not sure if I'll be able to find it there, but any Korean restaurants in Regina? If not any other places to keep my mind off Korean food would be good.
  5. I'm leaving for Regina in a couple weeks. Although I'll be spending a few months there I won't have a ton of free time; basically on the weekends and not all of them either. I've found two places that I'd like to visit so far based on the forum, Weczeria and Michi Sushi. Can't guarantee that I'll get to all the recommendations but I'll squeeze in what I can.
  6. I was actually kind of disappointed with their chocolate. When I first tried the original the custard center was surprisingly cool and creamy. I don't really like the usual custard-filled baked goods so it was a nice discovery. I guess I tried their chocolate with higher expectations because I felt really let down. There wasn't much chocolatey flavour and the center wasn't as cool as the first time. I think it might be because they had been filled and left to sit for a bit whereas the first time there was a line and it had been just filled. Anyone else noticing a difference since they first opened?
  7. Pho Hong was the first Vietnamese noodle place that I ever went to, although I can't say it's the best place for noodles in the Lower Mainland I would say that it's definitely one of the top places. What I really look for is consistency and both the noodles and broth are usually very good. Places for Korean food on Kingsway. Woo Rae Oak has gotten better recently, think the cook or the owner changed in the last year or so. Han Woo Ri is a decent spot too, I just can't get over finding a rotten quail egg in my jap tang bap. But I like how they serve shik kae at the end of the meal. My last visit to Mi Sun Rae was very bad. The non-marinated galbi was very tough and they even got one of our meat orders wrong. Don't think we've gone back since. A place that I liked to go to before is Pearl House on Kingsway and Sperling, pretty standard Taiwanese style food. In Crystal Mall I really like Libo for their HK cafe style food and milk tea. Also in the mall is Top Gun where you can get some dim sum, I can't say it's the best but probably the best I can find so close to home. For sushi [sushi Garden] really depends whether or not the owner is there. The portions are pretty big and I think that's the main reason why people go. I've only been there once but Sushi Haru had some interesting stuff to offer like their salmon pizza, some of their stuff can be seen here. I haven't been there in about a year so I'll have to go back and check to see how things are going. That's about it for now, it's late and I'm not sure if my sentences are making any sense. If there's anything I'm leaving out I'll post it up later.
  8. I went on Wednesday and tried their chocolate. You're right about the schedule. It looks like it's a 3 day for each flavour rotation.
  9. I think the amount of crab depends on what else you're planning to eat. When I go out for crab with my family, about 7 people will have a good amount of crab when we order about three 3lb crabs. We usually get a few other items so if you're thinking of going crab only maybe you'll need to up the ratio. I think there are a lot more malls in Richmond that are more "Asian" but I do like Aberdeen. You can grab a puff at Beard Papa, take a look around Daiso (a Japanese $2 store), grab a plate of shaved ice at Frappe Bliss, grab some snacks from Candyland or try out a place in the foodcourt or the various restaurants scattered in there. I wouldn't go to Richmond just to go to Aberdeen if time is limited but if you're in Richmond it might be worth to drop by. If you're talking about The Net Loft, the stores I know of include a book store, Paper-ya (a lot of neat stationary and paper products), an eyeglass store, a coffee shop and various craft stores. I think Paper-ya is worth taking a look into has a few neat things to look at and maybe take back as souveniers. Stanley Park isn't a bad place to go but I wouldn't say that you have to go there. It offers some nice views, a lot of trees, water and some totem poles; but if you're not into that you might want to skip it. As for Japadog I personally like the Miso Mayo with the pork brawtwurst. If you don't plan on going to Japadog more than once, select wisely. I've snapped a pic of all of the Japanese style hot dogs here. Nothing wrong with being a Bourdain whore, he's made me want to visit a few places like Montreal, Osaka and Portland just to name a few. I've been to Tojo's twice last year. I have a few pictures from my first and second visit. Although both visits didn't exactly blow me away there are a few dishes like the smoked sablefish have stuck with me. I won't say that it's the best sushi place in Vancouver but I haven't regretted going. As for other suggestions I think there are many more people in this forum that are better able to point you in the right direction. You might consider taking a look through this thread. Endy_'s currently in Van and has been happy with a lot of the suggestions he's gotten. I believe there's a link to his previous visit which has some input about Lumiere and Tojo's. Good luck.
  10. Just wish they'd get those other flavours out.
  11. Don't think I've ever had Malaysian food before. Thanks for the review flowbee, I'm gonna see if I can go sometime this week or the week after.
  12. Thanks for the link, I tried calling but as expected they're closed on the weekends. I filed a complaint online and asked for them to contact me for more details. Yeah, that's the one. The place doesn't look like a questionable place to eat, guess you really can't tell. I would've much rather seen it on the floor than in the food. I was joking with my sister that it would've been funny if we had actually ate there. Then the other patrons would've seen me screaming and spitting. Not to mention my mom's gagging noises.
  13. Yeah, I'll be calling them tomorrow morning. If they aren't open I'll try again on Monday. Thanks for posting the number, I won't have to look it up now.
  14. Worst case scenario at a restaurant, you find something disgusting in your food. Today I got some take-out from Honolulu, baked seafood on rice, baked seafood spaghetti, seafood fried rice and an egg and cheese sandwich. All of it was pretty good and after finishing most of the spaghetti, my sister who was picking out the mushrooms for me picked something that wasn't a mushroom. It was a cockroach. She calmly said "Oh, a cockroach." Me and my mom thought she was joking until she blotted the sauce off and revealed our unwelcome guest. This was right after I had put a spoonful of fried rice into my mouth, bad timing. My immediate reaction was to spit everything out. There was some screaming, no tears although I was crying on the inside. We called them right away and took back the food. They apologized and gave a full refund along with a bag of Valentine Hershey Kisses. Despite this I don't think I'll be able to eat there again. Not sure if I'm being too sensitive about this but for those who think this is as gross as I do you might want to avoid going for a while. Oh and sorry, I didn't take a picture. I was trying my best at this point not to throw-up and taking a macro shot of the guy would've had me running to the toilet.
  15. Glad I could help Megan. I think I'm gonna grab one myself on my next trip downtown. Now to find a good takoyaki recipe .
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