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    Howe Sound Brewery

    Nothing is better after a long day of skiing at Whistler and Blackcomb in BC, Canada then a stop at the Howe Sound Brew Pub in Squamish on the way back to Vancouver to pick up some in house brew! They have about 10 varieties but my favourite yesterday was the Three Beavers! 1L for approx. $8CDN and it's already cold!
  2. Has anybody had this wine lately? What food is it best paired with? Thanks! Megan
  3. There used to be a Halal Meat Market on Commercial that sold goat but it's gone now. I think Halal means that it is acceptable to use according to Islamic law, and they eat a lot of goat. So there should be other butchers in the city that follow these rules. Just did a google search and these two came up, might be worth a phone call to see if they are in business, they were on the www.bcmuslims.com site. Madina Halal Meat Market Halal meat and groceries 7411 Edmonds Street Burnaby (604) 524-171 Al-Safa Halal Meat Halal meat and groceries 6953 Kingsway Burnaby (604) 759-1138
  4. I'm sorry to anyone who opened this thread and found no explanation, i swear i wrote a post, somehow it didn't get posted! I was just wondering if anyone knew of any reputable places in Vancouver to get knives sharpened? I have pretty good quality knives (global, henckel) that desperately need sharpening! Thank you Megan
  5. Bishop's We went to Bishop's last saturday night for dinner and the experience was exactly as I expected, since it was my first time there. I had made a reservation for 6 a few weeks earlier and when we arrived at the restaurant we were seated right away at a nice table. The wine list was was extensive and our waitress complimented our choice, even explaining a little history of the winery. The menu was delicious, featuring all of the good things that are available at this time of year in our area. And John Bishop had yummy kusshi oysters as a welcome addition! The service was excellent from when we walked in until we left (almost 4 hours later!). The restaurant was full until about 1030pm, and it never compromised the attention of our wait staff. While we were eating dinner we realized that it had started snowing and was covering the streets. We had all taken cabs to dinner so we were wondering how we were going to get home! Our waitress actually stood out in the snow trying to hail us a couple of cabs, and she offered to drive us home herself if we couldn't get one, I don't think you can get much better service than that! I would recommend this restaurant to anyone, although i'm sure most of you reading have already been considering Bishop's is one of the most well know restaurants in Vancouver. I am happy to say that i have finally experience it's greatness! Megan
  6. Just got back from Montreal and had a really great dinner at APDC. Luckily i had made a reservation because it was completely packed from when we got there (8pm on a sunday) until 1130pm when we left, the only place that eased up at around 11pm was the bar! I can understand basic french but the waiter ended up having to explain the whole menu anyways since there were a lot of french words i did not know, thankfully he was very patient! I ended up with the balsamic seared foie gras (on the menu i think is is foie tout nu? or something like that) which was soooo good. My husband had the confit lamb shank and i had the bison ribs, both meltingly excellent! The only thing i wished they did was put the specials on a sheet or a board or something because there were so many that when it was time to order we had forgotten and then the table next to us got the baked pepper special and it looked so good but we had forgotten about it! I even ended up buying the cookbook (which was not cheap, just a heads up if you want to buy it there!) and would definitely go back next time we are in Montreal, there are so many other items on the menu that i would have loved to try!
  7. Hello, We are finally making a trip to Montreal and I have booked a reservation at APDC which i am very excited for because of all the great reviews on this site! Just wondering if it is a causal type restaurant or do people dress up? Do men need to wear real pants (as opposed to jeans!!)? Thank you! Megan
  8. Hey greyelf, sorry for my late response....it is right on the north east corner of main and 3rd, the door is actually on 3rd, there is a cement wall beside the door with a mural that says "Narrow Lounge", this you can only see during the daylight, but when it get dark, you will be able to see the red light bulb above the door (the light is on when it is open). As for the decor, the website says "dark and moody but still with a sense of fun" which i think sums it up! They have a huge bar with lots of seating and a few tables, it's not that big, hence the name! They also have the most beautiful chandelier hanging over the bar. It wouldn't be my first pick on a sunny summer day, but i have a feeling we will be there a lot more often in the winter! www.narrowlounge.com The prices were very reasonable too, my lamb stew was $8. Hope this helps! M
  9. Just went to the Narrow Lounge tonight for dinner and had a great experience! It is a tiny place tucked underneath Luxcious, on the east side of Main St, between Great Northern Way/2nd Ave and 3rd Ave. There is a red light above the door, if it is on they are open for business! We had a veggie and dip plate, the dip was raita, so delicious. We also had the lamb stew, so good, there was definitely a lot of slow cooking love put into the dish! They have a great selection of beer in the bottle, as well as a great wine list, and pretty good prices. The service was great too, we ordered the lamb stew for two of us and the chef brought it out divided onto two plates without even asking! I will definitely be back to try the other great sounding dishes on the menu. M
  10. Hey, I posted this response on a thread just a few weeks ago, Yesterday's oyster list at So.Cial (that would be feb 7, 2008) Kumamoto Kusshi Fanny Bay Royal Miyagi Summer Breeze Effingham Pacific Rim Petite I like it at So.Cial, and they have $1.25 a shuck between 3-7pm. I have noticed that the "premium" oysters, which are not included in the oyster happy hour (i think they charge around $3/oyster?) are usually the smaller oysters which may be better for a beginner, but i still like going for oysters there!
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    Thanks Andrew! Hopefully we will get there soon...
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    Hello everybody! Just wondering if anybody has a recent review of Fuel? Thank you! Megan
  13. Just a follow up to my previous post..... Yesterday's oyster list at So.Cial Kumamoto Kusshi Fanny Bay Royal Miyagi Summer Breeze Effingham Pacific Rim Petite
  14. We haven't been to Social since early december but when we went they had atleast 8 different kinds of oysters, kusshi, kumumoto, effingham, malpeque, mantle bay and a couple i had never heard of, i think they were from washington maybe, but i liked them. It seems to me that it depends on the time of year as to what selection they have. We are planning to go this week so i will make sure to write down what they have and post. I like the oysters at Rodney's too but prefer the service at Social, that is just a personal preference though. I also prefer Gastown to Yaletown anyday!
  15. I haven't been to Social for dinner yet so i cannot comment but if you like oysters they have oyster happy hour from 3-7pm in the downstairs lounge and we have always had excellent service and excellent oysters for $1.25 a shuck.
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