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  1. Try the Dim Sum at Rainbow Restaurant on Dundas, West of Spadina (very cheap Mon-fri), or if yu're are willing to pay more go to Rol San. Kensington Market has a variety of cheap ethnic foods. Jamaican patties, sausages, latin american pupusas, empanadas, etc. Also, another cheap thing for students is Sushi. Many to chose from up at Bloor, between Spadina and Bathurst. Which college are you closest to?
  2. there are also alot of them in the Jane and Finch and Keele and Wilson area. But, I would go for the Banh Mi at Nguyen Huong at Steeles (at Middlefield). Most Banh Mi shops are only located in areas with high Vietnamese populations. Some of the chinese grocery stores sell them pre-made in the refrgierator section, but they are not very good. A new place called "The Banh Mi Factory" just opened up at Keele and Finch close to York. I havent tried it yet, so I can't vouch for its taste. Hope this helps!
  3. There's an espresso bar at Rosedale, On Yonge street across from the starbucks. I dont know the name, but you'll see alot of people on the patio.
  4. I'd avoid them in general. They arent very cheap and arent very fresh or good. They are to real sushi, as boxed grocery store donuts are to Tim Hortons
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