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  1. At Jean Talon Market: Le marché des saveurs du Québec 280, Place du marché nord 514 271-3811 http://www.lemarchedessaveurs.com/prod_boissons.html Good selection of Ice Ciders, Ice Wines, Hydromels, Craft-Brewed Beers, etc. The Niagara Peninsula Ice Wines, Inniskillin, Peller, etc., I tend to buy at the duty free shop on the way back to the States. ← Excellent! I fully plan on going to the Jean Talon Market, so that works out well! Thanks!
  2. I hope I haven't exhausted my post too much, but what about finding some Canadain wines (ice wines, riesling, etc), maybe a place with a good selection?
  3. Hey riboflavinjoe, This sounds like an absolutely unavoidable dessert! THANKS! It's this up coming weekend and I couldnt be more excited! Can't wait, thanks again!
  4. I've made a reservation for Restaurant au Pied du Cochon, and cant wait to what else I find. Thanks a lot for all of the options! I'll make a good report for when I return! Thanks again!
  5. Speaking of junk food... What about Chocolate spots, candy gems, strange patisseries, or dessert bars? What sweets Should I look for in Montreal?
  6. This is very very helpful, thank you a lot! I hate being a tourist and potentially not getting to see what a great food city (such as Montreal) has to offer. Your suggestions are much appreciated! We do have a car so I cant wait to check out the markets!
  7. Thanks, I marked it down to check it out. What about a good Market for Cheese, produce, meat, or a good wine shop in that area? What are some of the best food markets in the city?
  8. Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I actually work in a wine shop in NYC and I plan on bringing some bottles up there. Any idea on how many is too much to cross the border with? It's funny that you mentioned BYOB's, I take full advantage of BYOB here, and those restaurants are definately something that I wanted to look for while we were in Montreal.
  9. My Girlfriend and I have a short weekend coming up and have decided to take a trip to Montreal from NYC for two days. were staying right off of ste catherine west on drummond street. Never been but really excited! I would love to find a few spots (Budget IS a little bit of an issue) to grab some good eats and some good wine. These are the few i've found on my own, but as we all know, being a tourist is a gamble without a good local voice. any thoughts, likes, dislikes? Mister Steer (for a burger) Le Soubise Cafe Presto Actuel Papillon Bleu De pizza a nizza L'Express Any of these we should avoid or absolutely go for a bite or any additions? Thanks! If ever in NYC i'll return the favor Also I should mention that i'm rather partial to the traditional french cuisine, but would love to find some out of the ordinary stuff as well!
  10. By the end of the week you will be able to find the Rittenhouse BIB at September Wines & Spirits on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. $17
  11. http://decanter.com/news/101788.html I just read this article and got extremely excited for the world of boutique wines! I'm curious to know what all you think this will entail for New York..
  12. jessejesse

    Pedro Ximenez

    If anyone wants to try a strange adaptation of the PX grape, a small producer in Giaquinta out of Argentina. It's a crazy still and very dry white wine (!) that smelled mostly like ripe apples and tropical fruits. Slightly creamy on the but nothing like a Sherry at all!
  13. jessejesse

    White Rioja

    Great, i'll be on the look out for it.
  14. jessejesse

    White Rioja

    Hey Artel, I actually did get a chance to try the Remulleri wines recently at a tasting. I really enjoyed the 2001 Rioja (rouge) I think it retails for like $40 and is worth every cent.
  15. jessejesse

    White Rioja

    I just wanted to know if anyone shares this with me? I first fell in love with White rioja over a bottle of Sierra Cantabria Organza 2001. It was Oaked so well, with a kind of tropical brioche thing going on! i loved it.. I next tried Vina Grovina from R. Lopez Heredia a 1995, slightly oxidized gem. Completely different but amazing, more Port aromas and much less toasty then the Organza, but delicious. Know of anymore that I should look into?
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