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  1. Are you looking for a place you can just pick up an order, or are you looking for private on-site catering? Dave "Fink" Finkelstein does do private catering... and he is not currently working on any projects. (If you search the NJ Restaurant Forum, you'll find that he has been discussed on these boards quite a bit.) You can contact him, if you like, at finksfunky@optonline.net. Right now, he's based out of Teaneck. (Disclaimer: I AM married to the guy... so I am definitely biased. But I think one or two people here might back me up on this.)
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    Unfortunately, you don't say which end of LBI you'll be staying on... And its a long island when you're hungry. My family has a house on the south end/Beach Haven area - we've eaten at all these places numerous times... As soon as you get there, pick up the 2 free local papers - check those out for ideas. Keep in mind - it's a family destination - there's nothing hugely spectacular about any of these, even the ones that claim fine dining. (Although Roberto's is a favorite of mine & Fink's.) For Breakfast: Uncle Will's Pancake House 3 South Bay Avenue Beach Haven, NJ 08008 Bayside Diner 2404 Long Beach Blvd Spray Beach, NJ 08008-4258 For Lunch: Chicken Or the Egg 207 N Bay Ave Beach Haven, NJ 08008 M & M Steam Bar Delaware Ave & Bay Ave Beach Haven, NJ 08008 For Dinner: Roberto's 130th St & Long Beach Boulevard Beach Haven Terrace, NJ 08008 Bisque Restaurant 79th Street & Long Beach Blvd. Beach Haven Crest, NJ 08008
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    Salty Snacks

    from Wikipedia ...."Sisig as is popularly known today is actually sizzling sisig, a Philippine dish made from parts of pig’s head, liver and usually seasoned with kalamansi and chili peppers." All I know is that my husband made me try it, and now I crave it pretty much all the time. The Filipino cooks claim it is "drinking-beer-food", not a real dish. Salty, tangy, fatty... everything you could ask for in one plate. Like pork rinds, or chicharones, but moister, spicier....
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