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  1. My favorite place in Atlanta for Dim Sum is China Delight [2390 Chamblee Tucker Rd Chamblee, GA 30341 (770) 986-0898] It is on Chamblee Tucker, just west of Buford Hwy, across from the runway at PDK. They have dim sum every day, though almost all of my visits have been on weekends. On weekends, they roll carts around the dining room for sure & you can also request items from the kitchen. The times I have been during the week, we just ordered off the menu.
  2. I had another fine lunch at Slice today -- I think it's a great addition to the Alpharetta neighborhood.
  3. Little Alley has become a part of the regular rotation for us; we probably have dinner there at least monthly. We always just work thru the small plates / tapas (most are $7-9) until we're full. Some of our favorites are: Keftegie, Skirt Steak Skewers, Scallops w/ Parsnip Puree & Spinach, Morrocan style shrimp Nice selection of wines by the glass too. In terms of bang for the buck, I think it's one of the best options for dinner in the Alpharetta/Roswell area. Call for reservations if you're going on a Fri/Sat night.
  4. Some ideas for Duluth good, cheap eats for your weekend: Chef Pete's BBQ - (770) 449-9571 - actually in Norcross, Spalding & Holcomb Bridge Traditions Pizzeria - (678) 584-8688 - Peachtree Industrial & Rogers Bridge Vreny's Biergarten - (770) 623-9413 - Peachtree Industrial & River Green Parkway
  5. We use Halperins - they do a very nice job with lots of stuff. I got fresh mussels last week and they were nice, Salmon is always prime. Monkfish was very nice and if it comes in to them bad they don't send it out - Call and talk to Barry - he is my rep - tell him the "guy" at the Golf Club of Georgia sent you on The mini crab cakes are good too - We make our own large ones , but the small ones they have are really nice. Price wise - a little higher - but the quality is A++ ← They look like they are restaurant sales only? No retail presence that I saw. ← For convenience's sake I usually go to H-mart as it is closest. Most of it is still from small counties overseas with few regulations in place to ensure quality. For mudbugs, I go to dekalb Farmer's Market and buy them by the sack, we then do a true louisiana boil with at least 2 sacks (70lb). Which we will be doing soon. My wife and I are contemplating going to Jazzfest in New Orleans, if so we will stock up on shrimp there. Along with french bread to freeze, you just can't get the same quality bread at 2000ft above sea level. ← I just don't trust the sourcing at Hmart. We are regulars there, but not in seafood anymore. Do you know what they are getting for a sack at DFM? And do they sell "chef's sacks" ie the small 5-10 lb ones? ← There is a place called Boudreaux's in downtown Duluth 770-814-8388. It's a restaurant with a seafood market. I have eaten luch there several times and it's pretty good. http://www.boudreauxscajun.com/
  6. I am pretty sure that po boys are on the menu at the Sea Shack
  7. Atlanta is a big place, but if you find yourself on the northern side of town (GA 400, N of 285), then I would say to give Gulf Coast Seafood a try. He gets several trucks of fresh seafood in throughout the week. Tom Wilder Gulf Coast Seafood Market 4055 Old Milton Parkway 678-624-9997 http://www.gcseafoodmarket.com/
  8. I can highly recommend two places for dinner on Hilton Head Island: Charlie's L'Etoile Verte http://www.charliesofhiltonhead.com/ New Orleans Rd., off 278 Handwritten menu changes daily. Greg ← Returning to Hilton Head after 4 years. We always liked Charlie's and Old Fort but we found Faisal's Le Bistro Mediterranean in Pineland Station to have the best food. But that was 4 years ago. Any new recommendations? Cirilo ← In addition to Charlie's L'Etoile Verte and Red Fish, we enjoyed a very nice dinner at The Studio on a recent visit. The Studio is a combination restaurant and art gallery. All three are solid choices for a very nice dinner. Also, Charlie's Crab can be pretty good for lunch or dinner (even though it's a chain of sorts, etc.) Another good choice for lunch is Main Street Cafe & Pub, near the Harris Teeter entrance to HH Plantation. The Sea Shack is a very good casual, cheap place but word has gotten out and it's nearly impossible to get in there. For breakfast, I really like Stacks.
  9. I just got my knives back from being sharpened by the Bladesmith and life is good! I dropped them off at Harry's / Whole Foods in Roswell. His normal day for sharpening is Wednesday. Cost was $4.50 per for straight (non-serrated) knife.
  10. Yes, I can continue to vouch for the seafood at Gulf Coast Seafood Market in Alpharetta; I frequent the place on a weekly basis. In addition to having very fresh fish, Tom also manages to get some varieties not widely available in the Atlanta market -- stuff like: Triggerfish, Gulf Triple Tail, Cobia, some others I can't remember. It varies of course, but good for a change of pace. He also often has #1 tuna that he will cut to order -- it's truly wonderful.
  11. I think it's $3.50 per blade and $6.00 for serrated knives. I probably get mine sharpened once a year, but it depends.
  12. I usually do it in two trips: drop off the ones that I've noticed are really dull and then the rest get dropped off when I pick up the first batch. Which reminds me, it's time to get it done again.
  13. There is a really great knife sharpening service called Bladesmith, run by a guy named Jeff Edges. His dad was featured on one of Alton's Good Eats episodes. He sharpens knives for several local restaurants. He also does all of the knife sharpening for Cooks Warehouse and Harry's Farmers Market -- you basically drop off your knives and he comes by once a week, then they call you for pick up. I highly recommend him. I have used his services at both Cooks Warehouse (in town) and Harry's (Roswell). Maybe check with the new Whole Foods in Duluth to see if that's who they use?
  14. Check out Villa Christina in Dunwoody -- I went to a wedding & reception there and thought it was nice. It's a very attractive location with food and service to match. I have no idea how much it might cost....
  15. I am a frequent customer at Harry's Farmers Market/Whole Foods in Roswell, but have gotten into the habit of stopping in at Gulf Coast Seafood Market about once a week. I think their fish is very fresh and they seem to be a buck or two / pound cheaper than Harry's. He almost always has tuna, snapper, grouper, shrimp. Sometimes he has harder to find selections like cobia and triggerfish. The owner, Tom Wilder, is a very nice guy. Check it out and let me know what you think - 4055 Old Milton Pkwy 678 624-9997
  16. I can highly recommend two places for dinner on Hilton Head Island: Red Fish (as mentioned by others) http://www.redfishofhiltonhead.com/ Archer Rd, off Palmetto Bay Rd Charlie's L'Etoile Verte http://www.charliesofhiltonhead.com/ New Orleans Rd., off 278 Handwritten menu changes daily. I have had dinner at both of these restaurants numerous times, as recently as the beginning of July. Greg
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