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  1. This post may be a little late, but I feel it's important to give some first-hand information on "Arepa" flour, directly from it's source - Venezuela! The pre-cooked corn flour used to make arepas here is called " Harina PAN", after it's brand name. Even if you buy another brand, you ask for Harina PAN! Arepas are simple to make - just add water to the flour. When you have a thickish dough, you form it into a ball then flatten it a little, until you have a thick "flying saucer" shape. Grease a hot plate ( called a "budare" here) and slap the arepa on it. After a few minutes it will brown on one side. Turn it over and brown on the other side. If you're making a large quantity, you can pop the cooked arepas in a warm oven until all are ready. Of course, if you make them a little smaller, you can also deep-fry them. Traditionally, the arepa is split almost in half then stuffed with: Ham and white cheese Fresh farmer's cheese "Carne Mechada" ( spiced pulled skirt of beef) "Reina Pepiada" (Grilled, spiced chicken with slices of avocado) "Dominó" ( black beans and grated white cheese) Baby shark, cooked together with "sofrito" - onion, bell pepper, sweet chile, celery, garlic, annato. Harina PAN is not the same as Masa Harina. As someone pointed out, the use of slaked lime to remove the corn husks makes a huge difference in flavour. If you can find Harina PAN, it's worth acquiring some and then cooking the arepas and inventing new fillings.
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