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  1. Per Se, Le Bernardin, and Jean Georges
  2. sethd

    Per Se

    First welcome to the new york board. There has been absolutely no change in quality at Per Se over the last year.
  3. Congratulations. Recently, we were at Adour and noticed a wedding dinner being held in the wine room. Other possibilities include the east room at Per Se. Jean Georges also has a small private dining room on the second floor.
  4. How many meals do you think Platt had at Lincoln before his review. I get the sense that he eats at a restaurant once and then writes his review. As I have mentioned, I have eaten every savory dish save the salad and the steak and my only complaint is that both times the cavatelle came out way too hot. I have noted that some of the dishes have changed or have been replaced altogether. I have also found that the service has become much more polished since its opening. How fair is it to publish a review so soon after opening. I mentioned that Sifton has been to Lincoln frequently to a R
  5. I think Platt's review is ridiculous. I have had 6 wonderful meals there including one last night where I ordered many of the dishes Platt didn't like. In fact, I have had most of the dishes on the menu at this point. I think if a scallop dish is perfectly prepared, (as mine was), then it is well worth $24. The question that i have is What makes for innovative cuisine. Specifically, what would make italian cuisine innovative. Are they any Italian restaurants either here or in ITaly that produce innovative food.
  6. The Main Dining Room at the Modern is another excellent option.
  7. I would agree with your choice of LIncoln. . WHy did you choose to return to EMP. There are much better meals to be had in the city
  8. I was referring to one specific British chef, whose name need not be mentioned. Though, I have never had anything but wonderful interactions with the famous 3 star chefs I have met over the last decade.
  9. I actually find it quite strange to see the the use of "Chef XXXX" as a term of address. "Chef" isn't an academic qualification like a Doctorate or a professionally certified qualification like an Architect. Yes, many chefs have gone to college and have trade qualifications but lets not inflate their ego's any more by pretending it is an "accredited" title. I have no problem addressing a chef as chef. I use it as a term of respect because i have great appreciation for what the greatest chefs accomplish. All the great chefs I have met, in New York and in France have been humble gentleman. I in
  10. Per Se is always awesome: the best in the city!!
  11. Bobster, I had the opportunity to have all the items on the tasting menu during two meals at LIncoln last week. Delicious.
  12. Yes! The somm remembered my friend from a prior meal. Gave him a big hello and had a running discussion with him about his cocktail selections throughout the entire meal. Though, I ordered a half bottle of champagne and then a glass of red wine(ordered through my captain) the somm NEVER engaged me in conversation. Much the same lack of interest shown me during my preceding two meals there as well.
  13. It takes chutzpah to look down upon your betters. I had plenty of time to reflect on this wisdom as I languished through another expensive, mediocre, and disappointed meal at EMP (to be fair, my dining companion, an experienced dinner and frequent contributor to this forum, enjoyed his meal much more than I). Once again i found the food to be uninspired and the service less than what I would expect at a 4 star restaurant. They were too many misses among the canapes. My first course showcased perfectly cooked langoustines ruined by an awful sauce. My second savory course, the sole, couldn't com
  14. I read your critical review of your meal at Marcus Wearing and I don't understand what was so terrible that you posted such a scathing review of your meal and received such a personal call from the chef. Are you such a good customer or friend of the house, that M. Wearing might have taken your review as a personal insult.
  15. Is Sutton considered an important reviewer?
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