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  1. Costco in Honolulu and Hawaii Kai has some good cream pies in a refrigerated case. I think that they might be "Anna's" brand.
  2. We always eat at Legal Seafood when we fly out of Logan. The food, sevice, and prices are good; particularly considering airport food. The last few times Ive had chowder and a lobster roll. Both excellent. A good excuse to get to the airport early, check in, and have a nice meal.
  3. Casa Vasca it is! Thanks everyone!
  4. We will be in Newark in July and are looking forward to a great Portuguese or Spanish dinner. My wife loves a good paella. We ate at Fornos last July and before that, Seabras. I have had problems with the service at Don Pepes and wont go back there. I see lots written that is not current or conflicting. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Im still looking for someone who has benn to the Bloomfield Ave. BBQ in Newark. Can anyone helpp? Thanks
  6. I think I found it! Bloomfield Ave BBQ in Newark. It is Brazilian and sounds great. Ever been there??
  7. Thanks everyone. I think that Curlz is onto the right place. Im thinking Latin, maybe more of a storefront, mostly take out. Probably Newark. Any more thoughts?
  8. I am going to be in NJ in July and heard about a great barbeque place on Bloomfield Ave. I think in Newark but maybe Bloomfield or Montclair? I dont know the name. Can anyone helppp? Thanks in advance.
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