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  1. I won't be driving - far too interested in the wine list for that. I don't mind getting a cab though.
  2. I'm off to San Seb for my birthday in August and planning on a visit to Mugaritz and Arzak. I'm thinking one for lunch, one for dinner. Any thoughts on which would be best to do for lunch?
  3. I'd agree with the recommendations for Monmouth, Flat White and Fernandez and Wells. They all use Monmouth coffee so are similar although last time I was in Flat White they were saying that they are experimenting with there own blend.
  4. I went a couple of saturdays back and wasn't overly impressed. Nice enough but a little boring. Terrible coffee as well.
  5. Went to the Dove in the end. Thanks for the recommendation. Had a good meal but nothing ground breaking. Worth popping in if your in the area. The only real issue was the wine list. I guess Shepherd Neame don't give their chefs/landlords much of a say over it?
  6. Made a relatively last minute decision to spend easter weekend in Whitstable. Unsurprisingly The Sportsman is fully booked for every service. Any one else know of good places to eat in the area? Considering sister restaurant in canterbury but the people I'm going with think it might be too far to travel for dinner.
  7. I'd definately advise a trip to a gastropub - its one of the things I miss now I live in Melbourne. The Anchor and Hope is top notch. The no booking policy can be a bit annoying, but you're fine if you arrive early and even if you have to wait for a table its a good place to drink. The ledbury is also a great place if you want fine dining at reasonable places. Had one of the best meals of last year there for my sisters birthday. We did tasting menu and got the sommelier to pick us matching wines and it was under 100 pounds a head.
  8. So where's the best place for fish and chips in Melbourne? The only place I've tried so far is clams on Acland St. It was ok, but I didn't think much of the batter. Any suggestions?
  9. Thanks for the recommendation. I popped in a couple of days ago and managed to get loads of info (and a little cheese). Apparently gruyere, comte, parmesan, roquefort and one other are now allowed to be imported although apparently some suppliers are refusing to export to Australia because of the risk of it being turned away because of e-coli concerns. Surely a little raw milk is not that dangerous!
  10. I'd definately agree with the Cheltenham/Champignon Sauvage suggestion.
  11. Thanks Pat, I'll have to check out the market. I did see that book when I was browsing recently, I might have to pick up a copy. Its a little dissapointing on the cheese front but I'm sure there are plenty of things here to make up for it.
  12. I've just arrived in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago and I'm here for the next 6 months or so. Friends have told me its a great city to eat in but I went to a deli yesterday to get some cheese and they told me that you cant get unpasturised cheese in Oz. Is this true? Surely it cant be that dangerous if we've been eating it unpasturised for the past however many thousand years! On an unrelated note, as I'm new to the city where are the best butchers, fruit and veg markets, fishmongers, delis etc. I'm living in St Kilda but I don't mind travelling for quality. Cheers
  13. Champignon Sauvage. Amazing value for a ** star and Cheltenham's really nice place to wander around. Wine list is top value as well.
  14. My cunning plan has worked. My darling girlfriend has secured a table to for 8.30 on thursday night. And as a reward for going to a wedding with her in cardiff on the weekend she's also booked a table for The Armless Dragon on friday night. What's the phrase about the way to a mans heart is through his stomach?
  15. Another excuse, should one be needed: eat early or late from the set and for the rest of the month it's two courses for £13.50 or three for £15.50, plus they throw in a "house" cocktail. I'm going out for lunch with my Mum, sister and cousin for lunch tomorrow. The consensus seems to be we should eat outside - I think I'll just book here and ask for a window!
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