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  1. exactly... they are competing against the now-ubiquitous (and quite vile, IMO) Jager Bomb... blech...
  2. jediNord

    10 Cane

    I was given a bottle as a gift... have yet to open it, but plan to this weekend...
  3. http://www.captainmorgan.com/en-us/Rums/Ru...?keyword=Tattoo
  4. I love me a rum n' coke... i sure do... I have enjoyed it with Appleton's VX, Bacardi 8, Sailor Jerry, Barbancourt 3 Star... I am bulding my collection slowly but surely
  5. So I was given a bottle of this stuff as a gift. A friend of my wife knew that I was a rum drinker, but knows nothing about rum. Obviously. But, feeling it my duty to always try something I have never had before, I cracked it open and had a taste. What the hell IS that stuff? Later on I looked it up and seems to be the general concensus is that is is CM's answer to Jagermeister. If that's their answer, I must ask: "What the hell was the question?!" Syrupy with some very odd flavor... blackberry, maybe? Not anise like Jager, but that same kind of cough medicine taste...
  6. I had some Pyrat XO, some Cruzan Blackstrap, and some Appleton VX.
  7. jediNord

    10 Cane

    so i am curious Ed, did you ever try this one?
  8. Well, I was looking more for "favorite places you may have shopped...." but i never got a chance to check back anyway... So I tried Don Lorenzo while I was there, as well as learned that Bacardi has a distillery there! I had no idea. My 4 liters i brought home (at a considerable amount less than it would have cost me here) were Barcardi 8 Años, Cruzan Black Strap, Barbancourt 3 Star, and Appleton VX...
  9. So, the family and I are travelling to Nassau tomorrow for vacation. It will be our first trip to the Bahamas. I was shocked when I did some checking around that there are no Bahamian rums! Is this true?! Anyway, there may not be any locally made, but I am sure there have to be some Rum Bars or places that have better/more interesting selections than others. For those that have been, anything to recommend?
  10. So the family and I are taking a vacation to Nassau at the end of April. I am assuming the rum selection will be good there, and mostly duty-free. For those that have been, any recommendations on what to do and where to go? Places to eat? Things not-to-be-missed? Keep in mind, I will have the wife and two small boys with me...
  11. wow... that sounds awesome!!!!! now i am hungry AND thirsty...
  12. Hey fred... Pyrat XO is one of my favs, too... My next purchase is going to be the Ron Zacapa Centenario, if i can find it.
  13. What if I just want to attend? maybe even just the Rum Ball... Don't think I could qualfy as a judge, but can I just buy tickets? I am over here in St. Pete and would LOVE to attend...
  14. Amen, brother DERF...
  15. whatever it is... it's worth it, IMO, and the good stuff is good indeed!
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