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  1. Saw this last night on Twitter "@handynastyphila: Opening Han Dynasty in Manayunk this friday! Free Dan Dan for everyone!!!! " http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/the-insider/Han-Dynasty-to-Manayunk.html We'll be out of town for the holiday so we'll miss the free Dan Dan, but hope you folks can enjoy!
  2. The intrigue does indeed continue - as we walked past the store last Wednesday, there were folks in there, standing around the tables, and the brick oven was fired up, but it appeared as if the place was closed to anyone other than the "insiders". Keep us posted!
  3. I've actually been to the Rofo Han twice in the past 2 weeks and had the usual high standard of tasty food there both times. RetroRoadhusband was not able to make it to either of those visits so when we were in Exton tonight we decided to stop in at that location so he could get his fix. Alas, the food was not up to par with what we had had there before, and also not as good as the Royersford location. It was still tasty, mind you, but not on the same bursting with flavor level as the food I had on Monday near home. I also noticed that the menu seemed to have been scaled down from what it was last time we were there. One thing that does somewhat irk me now that there are 3 Han Dynasty locations in the "chain" that all 3 of them do not serve the same dishes, or the dishes are kind of the same, but different. Case in point - we tried to order the dumplings in hot chili oil that we're addicted to up in RF, but Exton said they did not have them, just wontons in chili oil. We got those and the wontons/dumplings appeared to be the same thing, but the chili oil sauce was not up to par with the delicious sauce we were used to. Also I ordered the Spicy Noodles with Minced Pork (as it is called on the menu) and the waiter said "oh you want the dan dan noodles". I had just had the dan dan noodles in Royersford a few weeks ago and knew I didn't want them, and actually knew that the Noodles with Pork were a different preparation that I prefer to the dan dan noodles. What arrived at our table was in fact what I had hoped to get, the Spicy Noodles with Minced Pork. Anyone know why the menus are different and why they all wouldn't just offer the same things? I'd love to be able to get the noodles with pork without having to drive to Exton :-)
  4. Happened to see a sign for Evolution Burger, to open in the same shopping center as Wegman's in Collegeville some time this fall - never been there but have heard the hype. http://www.elevationburger.com/EB.php "Elevation Burger is a quick and casual restaurant offering 100% organic, grass-fed, free range beef burgers."
  5. Doing some research for work I came across this deal for Han Dynasty: Pay just $10 for $20 worth of food and drinks at any of Han Dynasty's three greater Philadelphia restaurants. http://www.eversave.com/philadelphia?sourceid=59300 It expires today, so if you can get to a Han near you, enjoy!
  6. Satchmo's in Collegeville is closed, I noticed while driving by. I know I saw a sign somewhere around the area that another place had "food by Satchmo's" but dang if I can remember where it was. Anyone?
  7. Cliff and I were at the Exton branch today, figuring spicy food might warm up a cold day. We'd totally be into a Center City Han D get together- keep us posted!
  8. woo good news for Han and the city dwellers! Let us know when the gang is heading over, we'd love to attend!
  9. Just heard from a couple of folks around town that Han is opening a new location in Philly- any one of you more in the know food folks have the skinny?
  10. We were thinking of going last night but weren't sure if the tasting that Han had mentioned was still going on. Thanks for posting the photos, they definitely make me think that we'll be heading there sometime soon and trying some of the dishes you had! Hope to hear about the next tasting so I can put it on our respective calendars.
  11. Bumping this thread up because I was on the Cajun Kate's website and noticed that today and tomorrow is/are their 3rd anniversary! We love the food and make the detour to eat here (or in the car) whenever we're vaguely in the neighborhood on a Fri or Sat. We'll be there today as a matter of fact- around 6:30 or so, as we're meeting there to play Pass The Dog (he's coming up from Reho with the dog and going to the shore for a gig, I'll meet him there and bring the pup back home with me) Any EGulleteers in the hizzouse seeing a couple both with short hair and black rimmed glasses- it's probably Cliff and me. Please say hello! I know I spied Holly there the first time we were there, but was too shy to introduce myself :-) mmmm, shoefly pie and now excellent Cajun- today was not a diet day for sure!
  12. Went to HD2/Rofo on Thursday night solo, as hubby was busy. Had "not your mother's chicken and dumplings" and a nice chat with Han. Seems as if he's going to be doing a once a month tasting night, so I signed up on the mailing list. Thought folks here would be interested! He also had incredibly kind words for both Jeff and Percy, and the eGullet gang in general. I have to echo that sentiment, as I would not have known about this gem of a place without you guys!
  13. No thread hijack but Katie, please let us know how the Root event went! Burger content- looks delish but an 8oz burger is a big one for me. Holly's recommendation on the fries makes me want to try 'em out tho!
  14. thanks both! The cukes I saw didn't look like the upthread ones, but those look like something that would fit the bill. We'll have to order the wontons next time we're in Exton, but it seemed like the chili oil sauce was different from Rofo as well. All good stuff though!
  15. Were the wontons in chili oil the same as in Royersford? I ask b/c when we were in Exton a few weeks back we wanted the dumplings in chili oil and did not see them on the menu. They made up some for us but it was more like "peking ravioli in oil with a bunch of spices that should've made it hot but didn't really" - I found it a bit disconcerting that 2 locations of the same resto would not have the same stuff on the menu. Love the chicken with hot dry peppers at both though! Another Q about the Exton menu now that I think of it- I think I saw someone eating a dish that looked to me like a shredded cucumber, does this ring a bell with anyone? I was thinking if there was something cool and tangy like that, it would make a great accompaniment to the fiery chicken we love so much. Damn, now I'm hungry! :-)
  16. We were there a couple of weeks ago and I am 99% sure the For Rent sign is for the place next to Satchmos, it used to be an ice cream/candy place. Though I do think Satchmo's could improve their signage and positioning so you could notice it more from the road. For some reason I was thinking that Satchmos might even expand into that space? Can't remember if there was something in the window that indicated that.
  17. Interesting, will have to swing by to see if it is indeed closed. I hope they reopen with a renewed spirit and the quality that accompanied their first opening - and that they are able to maintain it. It is a great space and it deserves a great restaurant. ← I was just reading the comments on the aroundphoenixville thread above and it seems as if it will reopen as "Baxters @ Bridge 101".
  18. Word around the Ville is that Bridge 101 is unexpectedly closed http://www.aroundphoenixville.com/
  19. Not knowing the workings of resto sourcing, I am puzzled by the inability to get the rolls of my native land. However if you want me to go to Stop & Shop and load up on 'em the next time I'm up there just say the word! Hubby and I stopped by the OH on Wed and had a more than serviceable Sidecar and Gimlet (alas not mixed by our fave Katie) as well as some of those belly clams. Clams were probably the best I'll get 'round these parts and should be grateful for that, but were a bit more coated than I'd like, masking some of the belly goodness. Hubby liked the fact that they weren't as greasy as the ones I usually enjoy up home. Here's a photo of what I'm pining for (in my post below)- and horrors to me, they're from RI and not Mass! http://retroroadmap.com/2009/05/04/clam-sh...-in-restaurant/ mmmm....clamshack roadtrip.....
  20. Can folks help me out with the Philadelphia/Penna tradition of the big goblet of crackers and horseradish- History? How/when are you supposed to eat them etc? First time I saw them was when we moved to PA, never up in Mass, I'm at a loss! (and hoping to go to the OH tomorrow night- whee!)
  21. I second Suzy-Jo's! (and if I see your blog correctly Tim, I have your brother Mal to thank for introducing me to SJ's when we worked together in KOP)
  22. Actually I noticed after I posted it that they have 2 locations, Glen Mills & West Chester, we'll maybe check it out, but thanks for the heads up Holly!
  23. Fried belly clams and classic cocktails mixed by Katie? I think I've died and gone to heaven!
  24. Has anyone tried Pig Out in West Chester? Just drove past it last night. According to their website they have been there for 2 years and just recently won a "2009 Best North Carolina BBQ" award but they haven't yet revealed who gave the award. http://www.pigoutwestchester.com/
  25. We made our monthly pilgrimage to HD2 last night and also had the deep-fried shredded beef. We think it should be renamed, deep-fried meat candy, so tasty!
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