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  1. Hi, I found a great bar ("Roosevelt") in Munich/Germany a few weeks ago. They have over 200 (two-hundred) different rums! Everything I ever hearde of. The variety is amazing on the regular menu...but then, when you get to the end, it says: "Please ask our servixe for the special rum menu!" I will definitly stay there from time to time...;-)
  2. Hi, so would you share your descriptors with us?? That would be very helpful I guess! Thanks! ronzacapa77
  3. I wopuld add: Brugal extra vijeo Bermudez Anniversario Havana Club 7 anos Varadero 7 anos... though the zacapa 23 ans some other stuff on the list is a different level of ums!
  4. Hi Kevin, I had the same kind of feelings...like ridiculous etc.....but then I gave it a second thougt. SO I think it helps you naming what you taste, and therefor naming what you like.... But to be honest: I have no idea what some of the stuff on these wheels smell/tase like.....;-) Anyway, I think it is a good idea, and I just wondered why this is so elaborated for whiskey, butr not for rum? bye ronzacapa77
  5. some of the examples, but these seem to cover most of the approaches out there: http://www.whisky-info.de/Scotch/genuss/nosing.htm and a very complex and nice one: http://www.whiskymag.com/gfx/nosing/Whiskywheel-Big.jpg
  6. Hi David, seems to be a good idea! But wihich of the many nosing wheels for whisk(e)y do you refer to? I found like 10 different, one from Diageo, one from a store.... ....and: probably "peaty" would also have to be removed/replaced...what do you think? Actually, Cane might be a better choice. ←
  7. Hi, this is my fist post....though I'm reading te posts for quite a while now. Since quite a time I am wondering whether there is something like the "nosing-wheel" (whiskey-drinkers should be familiar with this...) for rum? It is a tool for making rum tasting a bit more "objective" and easier.... After some research it seems to me, that there is nothing similar for rum...... What about developping a basic one here together in the forum? Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks!
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