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  1. Piedmont is not as warm as Sicily in winter, but obviously not as hot in summer. It may not have the cachet of Tuscany, but then also doesn't have the swarms of tourists either and you can't beat the food and wine. I would contact Toni Hilton, an American living here for many years and married to a Piedmontese who rents houses in small towns in the Northern Monferrato, an area of unspoilt beauty dotted with small hilltop villages and castles, closest city is Asti and within an hour drive to Turin for big city visits (or two hours to Milan) and an hour to the Mediterranean if you want a seaside
  2. Hi Jesse from Oakland, its been many years since I lived there! Cascina Sant'Eufemia near Sinio is in the Langhe and gets good reviews on Trip Advisor, and would fit the description of what you are looking for. Also Bella Baita in Val Chisone. We are also an agri-turismo (Villa Sampaguita) located near Asti but we are not a budget B&B (although too be fair we are very reasonably priced for what we offer). We have some old friends from Sebastabol also coming to Terre Madre going to stay with us. Cheers
  3. Slow Food just released the program for Salone del Gusto 2010 . Just a quick scan through the Taste Workshops and Theatre of Taste is enough to start the mouth watering and drive the senses into expectant overdrive! .http://www.salonedelgusto.it/welcome.lasso# I would suggest booking early for the popular workshops go quickly in this region of food and wine lovers. The site is only up and running since last night and in beta mode, still only in Italian, language options and links to workshops not finished yet, I am sure that over the next few weeks it will be tutt'aposto. Waiting for the debat
  4. Alex, welcome to Piedmont for your honeymoon! It sounds like as if you have your (top-end) restaurants already mapped out. But when you ask about wine-country, in fact the central wine area of Piedmont has 4 separate wine areas, Monferrato Basso (where you will be staying), Monferrato Alto, Langhe and Roero, and you will not be able to cover them in one day. If it were me I would stick to your local area and take it in, good wineries all over the place, I like especially Castagnole Monferrato, the Ruche wine area, Cocconato (Bava or Dezzani) and Castlenouvo Don Bosco, the Fresia wine region.
  5. That's funny, I thought I posted their website link, I guess it didn't stick. Its not hard to find Rodino is not a big town, but here is the website with address and phone, also our Facebook public album of photos from the day. Osterie d Gemma Villa Sampaguita Facebook Album
  6. After a busy 2009 season we are taking advantage of autumn mid-week days without houseguests to explore new aspects of Piedmont. The mission this week was part of our ongoing hunt for organic and traditional Barolo wineries, followed by lunch at some nice little trattorie off the Internet trail. Accordingly we started in Barolo town at Cantina Giacomo Borgogno, a venerable winery who has been there since 1761. Borgogno has just this year built a new tasting facility and over-the-ground premises, the cellars date back to early 1900’s, although renovated several times of course. Modern equipment
  7. Well it seems that Eataly franchise is rapidly expanding; besides the flagship in Turin, now joined by other EATALYS in Bologna, Milan, Pinerolo and Tokyo (anyone know what happened to the New York one?), a new Eataly will open in December in Asti. This Eataly is in partnership with a company called (what else) TUIT (web site only in Italian) and will be located just off Piazza Alfieri on Via Grandi, on the same street as the Teatro Alfieri - in fact I found out walking to the ticket office to apply for opera tickets-and it looks like as if it will be principally a restaurant. Will keep every
  8. Hey Man, you caught me out I used the word "prosciutto" as a generic description for a cold cut, but it definitely wasn't pancetta, but some other cut, I am not really an expert on hog parts
  9. We took a day off on a beautiful early October Sunday to go to the truffle festival in Castagnole Monferrato, North East of Asti and the centre of the Ruche wine zone. Driving through the hilltop town we saw a restaurant with a beautiful courtyard complete with ivy on the walls, a grape arbour, and aromatic herbs in pots, which just whispered for us to try it. Il Merlone Gioittone The fair was quite small, lots of stands with the local wine producers offering tastings, but no sign of the advertised pro-loco eating tent, so we slipped back to the restaurant and made a reservation, and went bac
  10. Haven't been to the Trattorie Nelle Vigne, but it looks very pretty to be sure and hope to get your review! Did I post a restaurant guide? Must have been sometime ago, hope its not of of date - I would favour Schiavenza over Rosa de Vini in Serralunga, and Tacabanda is our #1 in Asti this year, although Paulo at Pompa Magna is pretty good too and he has an enoteca so you can get wine by the glass. But Dogliano is a bit far from Asti though. If you have the time we would love to have you stop by for a glass of wine and introduce the bambini. If you are in the Roero come up to Asti via San Dami
  11. So you settled on Dogliano, very nice just at the edge of the Piedmont wine "zone" and on the boundary of the Alte Langhe, which reminds me of New Zealand sheep country with its rolling hills and pastures, but does have some nice little towns and villages, and will have wonderful little osterie that no-one has discovered on this forum I am sure! And you will be close to the Langhe-around-Alba "sub-zone" with its list of restaurants beloved of all visitors. I don't think you will have a problem with your bambino at any of the smaller mom and pop osterie, Italian love kids, and even for lunch a
  12. I thought this story was overblown. The restaurant is expensive and they do have a menu with prices? I have been severely overcharged in a night club in Tokyo where there were no charges listed and a large number of "ladies" drinks were added to my bill without my authorization. However a refusal to pay with a request for them to call the police if they wanted produced a negotiable sum. Japanese are also notorious for being reluctant to make a fuss. When I was living in Hong Kong there were often stories about Japanese tourists being overcharged in night clubs there (same story as my experien
  13. Normally I would not have bothered to write a negative review about a restaurant, but we felt so robbed by the place and 1 good antipasto and 2 OK dolce does not justify 140 euro! The food sat in our stomaches for hours and rubbery gnocchi means it was made the night before. (BTW I am copywriting the term gummy-bear gnocchi!) Yup, just too many other places in Piedmont to work through.
  14. I go to Levanto from time to time for diving, not for fine dining! Usually take lunch at the hotel Nazionale which has a nice vine covered courtyard, and good food, but wouldn't say it was outstanding. Asked our dive master where the locals go, but it was closed for lunch, I think Osterie Tumelin, behind the park on the East side of town and up a narrow stepped alley. Most restaurants in Cinque Terre would obviously cater for tourists, but some must be better then others, ask around. Slow Food lists Cavour in Levanto, Ciliego in Monterosso, and Ripa del Sole in Riomaggiore. Don't miss a boat
  15. We haven’t been eating out a lot this year, Rina is just too good as a cook and has been wowing guests who stay for dinner. But as a combined birthday treat we decided to try a new restaurant that has been catching some great reviews locally, Prufumo di Vino in Treiso. The owners of Profumo di Vino, Memmo, a Mexican from Baja Californian and Cameron, a Scot who grew up in Colorado both worked in Ciau del Tornavento in Treiso and left a year ago to open this restaurant and wine bar facing the main piazza opposite the Osterie Risorgimento,a local favourite. After a wonderful wine tasting with o
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