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  1. Unless you're a pig! Where in Ballard is DiVino? I'm going to have to check it out.
  2. Lorna, There are lots of great coffee roasters in Seattle. Just don't ask that non-coffee-drining-boyfriend of yours because when it comes to coffee, he doesn't have a clue! Two great coffee houses that are a little off of the beaten track are Cafe Apasionato (the main location by Fisherman's Terminal) and Lighthouse Roasters in Fremont. a2k
  3. Rumor has it Veil is going to start serving brunch. This could be good...
  4. As long as we're talking about assumptions, it seems like there are a lot of assumptions about what PETA is and isn't doing that are fairly incorrect. A quick look at their FAQ might solve this. PETA has published pictures of what happens in chicken farms. Check'm out here: http://www.torturedbytyson.com/ (though not before a meal!). And they certainly are targeting Tyson and other factory farmers to put pressure on them to use more humane production methods. Here's a press release they put out last week about it:
  5. Hi Megan. I'm not assuming anything about you (I don't even know you!). I was replying directly to the original poster (who I do happen to know), and who clearly stated that he takes foie gras for granted. Actually, he was the one that assumed you take it for granted (by using 'we' instead of 'I'), so you should probably take your issue up with him.
  6. I think the key point here is in hhlodesign's original post: "Any producers not using more humane methods at the end of that time would face the prospect of being banned." Nobody's telling anybody what they can and can't eat. They are saying that extremely inhumane production methods will not be tolerated. Find a humane way to produce foie gras and people will stop complaining. Until then, I think you're right, our children might not eat the delicacy you take for granted, and I think that is very much a step in the right direction.
  7. If you decide to go to Harvest Vine, I'd recommend calling ahead and checking to make sure they can accommodate your wife's diet. Because I'm vegetarian, they have sadly shaken their heads and turned me away because they had nothing to serve me (even off menu). I know she eats some meat, but better safe than sorry. Veil takes my prize for the place most able to amaze both omnivores and herbivores (and they really know how to do a special occasion).
  8. I can't believe you went out for pizza after the omakase! You take glutony to a whole new level. The mushroom asparagus salad was the favorite of the veggie courses.
  9. As someone who’s dined at the HhLodesign Studio kitchen on several occasions, I’ve gotta say that the quality of the food it produces is on par with the quality of the design of the space.
  10. I went to Veil for cocktails shortly after they opened. While I was there, I made a comment to one of the staff members (a friendly comment, I promise!) about them not having much for us vegetarians. His response was that they’d be thrilled to do a vegetarian meal for me, and to call ahead so they can make arrangements. I decided to take them up on the offer, so last night a bunch of us (14) went to Veil for a vegetarian tasting menu to celebrate my birthday. To all of you vegetarians out there (and to the rest of you brave enough to try a meal without meat), take them up on this offer. They did five courses for $50 with wine pairings for $35 more. It really was spectacular. Perhaps the best comment all night came from a die-hard carnivore: “If this was what vegetarian dining was always like, I’d happily give up meat and never look back.” Two dishes really stood out (and neither, I’m afraid, are available on their regular menu): First was a white asparagus salad with matsutake and wild pine nut dressing. The combination of the matsutake and the white asparagus created a contrast that seemed to bring both flavors into clearer focus. The second was a celery root soup served around a brussel sprout salad. Definitely one of the top three soups I’ve ever had (alongside the Herb Farm’s corn soup and the Dining Room at the Chicago Ritz Carleton’s heirloom squash soup). I can’t comment on the normal menu, but based on my experience last night, Veil definitely has the culinary chops to put it alongside Seattle’s best.
  11. I'd definitely add the following to my vegetarian list: 1. Tofu Sandwich at Paseo 2. Eggplant Grinder at Matt's in the Market (I think it's currently off the menu, but hopefully it will come back)
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