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  1. Why do I irrationally feel I want one if these!

  2. Except I'd be illegal there

  3. I can recommend this

  4. Shocking.
    We now have a law where giving someone a bunch of flowers could get you 7 years for supply of materials that had a psychoactive effect. E.g. it made someone happy.

    And Sylar Majesticoon is not going to like it that Catnip is now technically illegal too.

    Interestingly this leads to a situation were if someone was sold talcum power instead of the cocaine they expected and it made them angry. The person selling it could be done for supply in exactly the same way as if they had supplied cocaine and also done for another charge of fraud!

  5. Part 2 - Well After Dr Leon this looks like the next step http://www.xnnsystems.xyz/#/

  6. Well that's a novel way to promote nuclear missiles!

  7. Top tip - do not lug a server case across town on a Saturday !

  8. And back to work, not the best way to clone drives but needs must. #SoddingNonStandard#Cases Dell & HP worst offenders. http://t.co/S0xQcuqJ

  9. Beetroot marinated trout, fennel and orange salad with creme fresh and dill. #Noms #Bibendum http://t.co/NoLgklfL

  10. Bugger it's not the world premier https://t.co/ldFey7tx

  11. Just cooked white asparagus and made hollandaise sauce. #FAIL. You do not prep & cook it the same as green. Sauce was nice though.

  12. Whole foods very expensive but did manage to get a vinegar mother so pleased about that ;-)

  13. Loving Undone by Rotersand must play Alive after it for nightmares

  14. Having a Sparks moment

  15. Getting peeps together for #cabininthewoods on the 13th

  16. I've joined team #geeks in the race to the #cabininthewoods to win a trip to Barcelona. RT and join: http://t.co/vWHx1TXs

  17. Arse, body clock so messed up after being ill last most of week woke up at 2am and now still awake! Let's try 5-HTP

  18. Look what my m8 Dan spotted in town http://t.co/gr3yulhN

  19. Roast figs with goats cheese and black truffle honey #noms http://t.co/9c0YoooK

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