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  1. Penn and Teller did a series for Showtime called "Bullshit!".It was a13-month series which took on and debunked things like fang shun, pet psychics, alien abductions, penis enlargements, some social trends etc… One of the episodes dealt with Bottled Water. In it they had a “Water Sommelier” in a restaurant he presented to a group of patrons a “Specialty Water List” and arranged for a tasting. Nice looking labels on different bottles all being filled out side from same tap faucet with the same garden hose. Patrons claimed they could taste some differences. It’s available on DVD.
  2. I’ve always like Joe’s food. He was/is one of the city’s most generous cooks. BTW Holly, amah definitely going to go to one of the farewell banquets.
  3. Thanks ‘Rose & Brad. The deal was that we were in California and shipping to Pa. I had found a shipper who reluctantly agree to do it and I asked the shipper to stagger ship the cases (one every other day). Wineries are able to ship if they meet certain criteria. But what seems to be an issue is an individual shipping out of CA via a mailing service. The shippers mentioned a new law that was enacted last April. I’m wondering if this just applies to wine shipped from other than a winery. The question I have is how do wine clubs do it?
  4. In the middle of June my wife and I left Yosemite via Highway 49 to do the “Mines and Vines” portion of our vacation in Amador County, & Calaveras County. Along the way we accumulated about 5-1/2 cases of choice bottles that we couldn’t get there from here, here being Pennsylvania. Getting them back was a different issue. The last time we were in California (2000) we spent about six days in Dry Creek and Anderson Valley. We blitzed through those regions and got more than 25 cases back via wineries, mail services, UPS, USPS, FedEx and on the plane. No problem whatsoever. In fact there is a winery (who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons) that still regularly ships to us. Now I didn’t expect the floodgates to open since the recent Supreme Court ruling but it seems to have gotten worse. I know that wineries can ship under certain conditions (to designated consignees) to certain states. There were a number of storefront mailing services that would flat out refuse to ship (pottery, olive oil, or glassware-no matter what we tried to call it) or even sell us the Styrofoam packing material. Of the 5-1/2 cases, we got 4 back. One was seized and the other half case is MIA. I know it’s at your own risk to ship but has something hit the shipping services via the carriers (UPS and FedEx). Apologies if this has topic has been covered before.
  5. Lobsters of the Living Dead? Claw on this Walt Disney lobsters
  6. Do we mean fusillade? ← GAAAK!!! But for 9/11, that would be hilarious. No wait, it's hilarious anyway. ← Fuselage sorta works... they were fly-by-night reviews. Damn spell check!!
  7. I ate there on a crowded Wednesday night two weeks after it opened. My boss took me there on his dime for helping to sell his Gretch Bluestar guitar. We downed a couple dozen oysters at the bar. Decent selection of wines by the glass, but pricey pours. . I didn't expect anything out of the ordinary from the menu and from what I could see it was their “greatest hits”. I had a Tuna special that night and my boss had the striped bass. The tuna had a faint pink center surrounded by a sea of gray. No steam on the plate and my fish was body temperature, slightly warm but not running a fever. Bookbinders is what it is. Did I see a Le Bernadin pedigree there? Nope, nor did I expect it. Nor did I sense David Cunningham’s hand there and I had eaten at Yardley Inn. Was it a devastating meal? No. Would I spend any of my money there? Another no. Surprisingly enough, they do have a neighborhood clientele. Some of the old time Society Hill dwellers are simply not Starr struck, have money, and are into simple food done okay. Contrary to popular belief, there are people who eat that way. Bookbinders will always be in the crosshairs. I remember Jim Quinn’s first fuselage in the Collegiate Guide of Philadelphia in the late ‘60s. Lauren McCutcheon's was almost a boilerplate of it. So what else is really new?
  8. Thanks for the help, phaelon. If I'm reading between the lines would you say that the grinder has a break-in period?
  9. Hi gang, Just unpacked my Rancilio/Doser Rocky and I need some help with some grinding settings. I’m looking at 12-14 for espresso grind but I need some help with ranges for Turkish to Plunger and points in between.. (And yes it dances with Silvia, she came along with the ride). Thanks in advance!
  10. Make me another one. I thought it was just OK. I think they're uneven. He know's some 'cue. I had emailed LaBan about a year or two ago and mentioned that I was a big fan of the book "Smokestack Lightning", so was he and he's real good friends with Lolis Eric Elie, the author. They were both writing for the Times Picayune in N'Awlins. La Ban told me they still hook up and do 'cue runs. "Smokestack Lighning" reads like Jack Kerouac on the BBQ belt. It's more of a "road" than a "cook" book. It was out of print for a while but Ten Speed Press is republishing it this Spring. (ed to provide link)
  11. Carmine's Creole Kitchen's new location is on the 200 block of Woodbine Avenue in Narberth. It's a couple of doors down from the corner of Woodbine & Iona, which at one time was the location of Husch (sic), a long gone fusion joint which use to be the sadly missed Guilianni's, a red checkered tablecloth Italian restaurant. Carmines were closed as I drove by last night (Tues). There is outdoor furniture in place for patio dining when the weather breaks. There's a possibility that they'll be open by the weekend ... but call. It's still BYOB, and the irony is that the location is a former taproom. This is a welcome hit for the area and a nice alternative to the Narberthian Bermuda Onion Triangle: The Great American Pub, Mc Sheas, and the Greeks.
  12. A new locale. ← Do you know the address? We love Carmine's too, but it's a drive from Landenberg........ ← If you call Carmine's old number, it will switch you to the new location. They'll give you the exact address. But do ask aqbout parking. I won't pass by it til the middle of the week but when I do. I'll post some more details. BYW, the takeout menu is two to threee dollars less than the sit-in menu.
  13. Didn't Carmine's recently move/expand/have something significant happen? ← I was at his new location in Narberth. Stopped in to say hi and to grab a menu. He should be open in the middle of the week (Tue/Wed). John put a lot of bucks into place and it looks slick with a brand new open kitchen. I asked him about parking because it's in the middle of a residential neighborhood. He has a couple of lots behind some office buildings in mind, but they're covered w/ Main Line Hooker warning signs. And these bruisers don't wear fish net stockings. His old phone number will switch you to the new location.
  14. Her husband, Joseph, is a landscaper, and had a side business going in selling “smoking” woods. Mostly the selection was fruit and nut woods. At one point he was thinking of going full time and building a smoke house. I live in Merion and would love to use them for takeout but the waiting time…..
  15. The price differential between 9th and 18th could be due to rent and marketing to the Rittenhouse Square crowd (and commuters). The other thing that got me thinking from your post is that could be a devalued dollar taking effect on some of the imports. How do similar items price out at Claudio's or Down Town Cheese or Whole Foods? Maybe in the next few days or so we can post some price checks.
  16. Just a quick update to my previous post. The Simac model that I was referring to was the Magnum. I’ve learned they were discontinued but here is a link for a refurbished one for about $385.00, newer ones are $489.00. These folks also service them. Simac Magnum
  17. I’m kind of partial to the Simac products. I had a 1.5-quart Simac Il Gelataio that lasted 13 years and I beat the crap out of it. I bought the next Simac model up that looks something like this: Simac-DeLonghi . Bought it 5 years ago as a Simac and its still making great sorbets. It appears to be the same model. The removable bowl is a plus because I can prime the process by putting it into the freezer for a slight chill. Also you can order more than one bowl. If you can find one, grab it. I think they’re real sleepers. I just may snag another one myself for back-up in the event they’re discontinued. I originally bought a Musso Lussino from Williams-Sonoma but returned it (for the Simac) because it overheated. On the other extreme, I had a 5-gallon Emory-Thompson batch freezer hard wired in my basement. It had a 3-horsepower compressor and a 3-horsepower dasher. That thing just spat out gallons of sorbet. Looking at the previous links, I'm curious as to what’s happening in the ice cream appliance market. Did DeLonghi buy out Simac, or did Simac merge with Musso Lussino? Or is it just a distribution thing?
  18. How about braised in Victory Hop Devil? ← Sounds good, I'm game... uh better strike that. Bad choice of words. Thanks for the Wells rec. I only need a few pounds of it to run out some jerky. Isn't there someone in Bucks County who dresses venison and actually sells it? Outside of D'Angelo Bros and online/mail-order, not much around.
  19. Their pulled pork -- State Rd of the Art!! I needed some to fill out a recipe that I'm playing with tonight. I usually keep a batch around next to the toothpaste for emergencies but I was running low. The recipe is a Pulled Pork Shepherds Pie. I'm setting it up in a 9" inch spring form. It's a bottom layer of pulled pork, slightly wet, then a layer of sautéed julienne carrots, yellow squash, and zucchini, dosed with some of my house Cajun rub, with the additional layer of Bourbon Sweet Potato mash. In the oven @325o for 30-45 minutes or so. Sweet Lucy’s is making my smoker obsolete.
  20. Besides Sonny D'Angelo and my front bumper, does anyone have a local source for deer?
  21. Herb, you're right on the turn. BTW, the Cottman exit on 95 south has reopened.
  22. Arise and walk oh lame one and proceed to 7500 block of State road and cure thyself. Between Cottman & Rhawn. If your heading North or South on 95, it's the Cottman exit. Make a left on State and head up the block. The food truck and the cords of hickory are still outside.
  23. Alas--closed Mondays. There are reasons that there are Blues songs written about that day (Stormy Monday and Blue Monday... and throw in Monday, Monday for those of you who use to wear "flowers in your hair"). Better get there tomorrow before the storm hits.
  24. Just a quick heads up for all of you ‘cue-heads. Sweet Lucy has gone inside and the place shines! Same location, brand new Southern Pride cooker, and a great eating area. They’re now open for dinner till nine. BYOB, bring your own Blues (or Bluegrass).
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