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  1. Do you think that a contemporary image will have the same appeal on the customer? Golden Rum is usually associated with a wooden and old image, maybe "rough", surely not "aseptic". Maybe the market is more ready to accept this image in a white rum as other white spirits. I wonder if in Italy we could be ready for this. In UK? Do you think Lounge Clubs could be interested ?
  2. Oh finally I've found the two Zacapa Centenario. I've bought them and I think that they are two mktg operations in order to ride the success of Zacapa brand, at least in Italy. At this point I wonder what do you think about it in the other European countries, and in the U.S. About tasting notes I found 23y Etiqueta Negra too sweet, almost without the particular character of classic celebrated 23y. 23y Special Edition Straight from the Cask respect better tasting feelings of the brand, but with more alcohol strenght, not bad features because of sweet notes are hardly present in this one too. I've reseved a Web Space for you to reply me easier about your knowledge http://demerara.altervista.org/Etiqueta-Negra.jpg http://demerara.altervista.org/Straight-from-the-Cask.jpg Sorry for my English
  3. I think it's quite excessive to specify a marriage between a precise Rum brand with a precise Chocolate brand. But maybe is possible to classify, for example, young agricoles with orange chocolate" or "Heavy Navy Rum with..." In this sense, it becomes easy to find a nice marriage. What do you think about? I need your opinions for a tasting evening in January Thanks
  4. Anyone knows MaltecoRon from Guatemala? I live in Italy and here, at least in the north, is a well known brand. MaltecoRon 10y 15y 20y , are produced, as the label says, in Guatemala by "Industria Licorera Que zalteca"( Without "T" and without a precise location) , by virgin honey and aged 7600ft, all features in common with the most famuos Zacapa Centenario, which is really produced by Industria Licorera QueTzalteca. Moreover, in all the world's most famous Rum portal and Rum website I know, there is no mention about this brand. Is possible that this brand is only a commercial creation for Italian market? In this case I'm worried that several bars and bartenders have been heavily joked
  5. Yes, a bottle similar to Zacapa 23 one, with a different colour. It's a special edition, 45% ABV. I'm searching some info about tasting notes..
  6. I wonder if possible to have some tasting descriptions abuot the difference between the famous Zacapa 23 and his brother Zacapa23 Black Label. And also some info about Special Edition Zacapa 23 Cask Strength Thank You
  7. I'm going to have, between January 07 and April, a great trip around almost all Caribbean islands. Since I go there in order to discover Rum's distilleries and culture, I wonder where there'll be the most famous festivals and events. Thanks Daniele
  8. I'm searching some info about Cadenhead distilleries. In Dave Broom's "RUM" I found a wmcadenhead.com website but now I cant connect. Anyone have any other solution for me? Thanks
  9. I know a brand called Isla Coiba, produced and bottled, as the label says, by Caribbean Spirits inc. in Panama. In Caribbean Spirits website there is no mention about it,and i don't manage to find any onfo about surfin' the net. Anyone can help me?
  10. HI guys this is my first message on this extraordinary forum I've in front of me a bottle of Duque de Hoyos Gran Solera, 76proof made in Veracruz, aged in oak with "vinos de uva".
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