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    Wine Pairing

    I'm serving a home-smoked goose & home-smoked turkey breast for Thanksgiving. What would be a good wine (or wines) to serve with this? thanks, SusanP
  2. Diane, What a wonderful story. My son was graduated from Pitt two years ago & I really miss visiting that city. The food, the neighborhoods, not to mention the campus were such a pleasant surprise on my first trip there. Although my son lives not too far from me now (in NJ) I sometimes wish he had stayed in Pittsburgh so I'd have an excuse to visit! (By the way he majored in writing and hopefully he'll get that career going soon!) SusanP
  3. I'm going to be spending a few days in Tucson, staying with friends. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a nice restaurant I can take them to as a thank-you? Nothing spicy, please.
  4. Thanks for those suggestions. I'm glad I'm on the right track since I had already put Le Reve & Biga on my list to try. I'm hoping to get to some good Tex-Mex places although my friend who I'm meeting up with (& was raised in Dallas) isn't a Tex-Mex fan. I'll have to report on my food finds after my trip. Susan Welcome to eGullet, Susan. In San Antonio, fine dining is not as prevalent as it tends to be in many other large cities. I agree with BigBoyDan that many of the better quality places in SA and Austin have a much more casual atmosphere. That being said, you must go to Le Reve. It put every other restaurant I've tried in San Antonio to shame. It is truly a wonderful dining experience, easily on par with many of the best restaurants here in NYC. For more fine dining options in SA, you might consider: The Lodge of Castle Hills, fine dining in a very beautiful and secluded setting. L'etoile, a French place located in Alamo Heights. Biga on the Banks is also a nice option, and has the advantage of being located on the river, if you are curious to check out the Riverwalk a bit. Bistro Time for the city's best crab cakes. Not fine dining, but truly a special place that kind of just says "Texas" for me is Liberty Bar. Great food in a laid-back setting. It's my favorite place in the city besides Le Reve. (Two very different places) Lastly, as BigBoyDan said, it would be a shame to be in SA or Austin without sampling some great Tex-Mex and Barbeque (just a short drive to Luling, or Lockhart, or the Salt Lick...). Have fun, and eat well! ←
  5. Hi, this is my first posting. I, too am looking for good restaurants in San Antonio. I'm mainly interested in "fine dining". I'm not too concerned with price. Thanks, SusanP
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