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  1. Any other experiences at this place by anyone else?
  2. Nice and very informative post. How would taste and quality compare to Bianco?
  3. What an interesting eclectic thread. Any more TO suggestions for visitor from out of town?
  4. For the Toronto area: any current newspapers or magazines have reiable restaurant reviews and or ratings?
  5. Thank you very much. They have three, plus one in Dusseldorf.
  6. Would appreciate assistance with restaurants from the simple or local places, to the area specialty foods, or the very best in the area. Thank you in advance.
  7. Would appreciate Dusseldorf assistance: from local places, specialty restaurants, to the highest quality.
  8. Any Fall, 2008 updates? Thank you in advance.
  9. Would you please suggest less priceyb seafood places?
  10. Any less expensive suggestions?
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