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  1. Hello . Can anyone recommend some cookware stores in SF? I am really hoping to find a place that carries French imports, but any nice store recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  2. Hi all. I am going to be in SF next week, and I want to find a decent affordable bistro/brasserie. Steak frites, pate de campagne, moules, stuff like that. Recommendations? Thanks, Dan
  3. Hi, I'll be in Seattle tomorrow. I've been fruitlessly looking for de buyer blue steel frypans. Any place up there to buy them? Or other blue steel pans? I will probably wind up at Sur La Table downtown anyway. Portland Saturday. Any sources there? Thanks Much! Dan
  4. Hi all, Well, I finally got a full eGullet membership so I guess I'll post my first of many questions... I'm trying to find a source for de Buyer blue/black steel Lyonnaise-shaped pans in the US or even Canada. I've had pretty good luck finding their 'Carbone Plus' line (the folks at Broadway Panhandler have been very helpful and patient), but those are heavier than I need at 2.5-3mm thickness and 3 lbs for the 9.5" pan. Since I'm looking for a dedicated omelette pan for the flip & fold (a la Julia Child and Steven Shaw) technique of omelette making, that's just too much pan. It weighs more than my 12" All-Clad MC2 pan, and I have a hard enough time flipping in that! I've been to de Buyer's website, and they have two lines that aren't as thick as the Carbone Plus, namely the "La Lyonnaise" and "Force Blue" lines. Unfortunately I'm having a heck of a time finding them in North America. My understanding is that World Cuisine used to distribute de Buyer but now their pans are a Chinese import. I would prefer to get the de Buyer product. Anybody know an online or storefront source that carries these lines? Thanks, Dan
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