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  1. We will be in Paris for one night in early May staying in the 5th. We were thinking of booking dinner at either Les Papilles, Christophe or the Bistro version of Kitchen Gallerie. Any thoughts on these choices or alternative that are within walking distance of our hotel (Rue St Jacques near Saint Germain)? My wife is a vegetarian so I'm not sure if Les Papilles can accomodate her with what appears to be a fixed menu in the evenings, and we have seen a less than favourable review on Kitchen Gallerie's Bistro - we've had dinner at the main Kitchen Gallerie Restaurant two years ago and it was wonderful. I'd appreciate any insight / recent experience that would help us decide. Thanks in advance. Vine
  2. Vine

    Languedoc dining

    We went to Jardin des Sens 2 years ago and had a superb meal. The service was friendly and very helpful (great guidance on which local wine would go best with our food) - invitingly casual for a starred restaurant. The room itself feels quite large and has a very different, but comfortable feel to it versus more traditional settings. I would recommend a night at the hotel with dinner - that way you can enjoy the food and wine and then walk to your bedroom. Cheers
  3. By the way - if you are in the South of Provence (near Staint-Etienne-du- Gres and Les Baux) I would highly recommend Domaine de Trevallon. Reservations are strictly required as one gets the distinct impression that Eloi Durrbach would rather not have visitors (when we went his wife had neglected to tell him to expect visitors that day and he was not amused), but beneath the gruff facade is a lovely, generous man who is passionate about his wine. He personally spend some considerable time with us explaining the terroir (which was literally "blasted" out of the stone hills surrounding the estate), tasting a number of different vintages and helping us select our purchase. This is not wine for the timid - it requires a minimum (at least) of 10 years aging (we have one bottle each of the 1998 and 1999 left that we purchased on our visit - should have left all 3 of each until now or later), but is worth the wait. A superb place to visit.
  4. We have been traveling to the area for 10 years and visited a number of excellent wineries. I would highly recommend in Chateauneuf: Vieux Telegraphe, La Nerthe and Domaine de la Janasse, all of which were particularly welcoming to us; with Beaucastel being somewhat more formal but worth the visit. All require advance reservations. On this last trip we went to some lesser known addresses - Durban (the drive up is spectacular - the Beaume de Venice a treat); Domaine Fondreche (excellent Cotes du Ventoux producer who is just now getting international recognition); Domaine du Tix (a relatively new winery at the top of the hill outside of Mormoiron run by a couple who left Paris permanently and started up this winery - worth the visit to see how people realize "the dream" - and the wine is good too); and probably our favourite on this trip Domaine de Mourchon perched above Seguret. The owner Walter McKinlay was obviously a very successful English businessman who sold his company and built this winery from the ground up. He is a lovely guy, and will serve his wine to you personally. The wine is excellent - the Rose was the best we had in the area on this trip, and his Grande Reserve and Family Reserve bottlings are getting very positive reviews from the critics. Don't be discouraged by the "track" that leads up to the winery - it's there at the end of a one-lane road that winds up to the top of the hill. Enjoy your trip.
  5. Any recent dinner experiences with any one of these Paris bistros? Appreciate the help.
  6. This restaurant has got a number of favourable reviews in the reading I have done. Has anyone gone recently and can comment? We are staying for 2 nights in Paris at Hotel Royal Sainte Honore - 2 minutes from the Louve and Pont Royal. Any other good bistro suggestions in the area (that are open Saturday and Sunday nights - seems many reatuarants are closed these nights). Thank you for your help.
  7. One of the Bistros that popped up as I was searching this and other sites was Le Petit Troquet. Still worth a visit?
  8. Heading back to Paris in early April and staying in the 7th this year. Would appreciate any suggestions for recommended Bistros in the area. Thanks.
  9. I ate there quite a while back just after it was redecorated and was unimpressed. But it may have changed. ← John one final question on this string - have you been to Les Papilles recently. I heard some positive reports about this from our group that went there last year. Any idea if it is open on sunday evening for dinner? Thanks again for your insight and assistance.
  10. I should have been clearer; my last post gave two places on the Square that were connected to famous chefs but not Guy Savoy. ← John - after a little bit of further hunting through various web sites the Bistro in question may be Le Dauphin at 167 rue Saint Honore. Any experience or comments about this spot for a casual dinner on a Sunday evening? Thanks in advance. Vine
  11. John - love the new photo! Thanks to all for your input. Went to the Guy Savoy website a few days ago and could see nothing faintly like what I remember in the article. No problem - lots of good places to eat in Paris. Appreciate your feedback. Vine
  12. We are returning to Paris in 4 weeks and are staying at the Hotel Brighton near the Louvre on Rue de Rivoli. We saw a very interesting article (which we have subsequently lost - hence the mystery) of a fairly new (?), highly rated Bistro very close to the Hotel which I believe is now part of the Guy Savoy group. Does this ring any bells with anyone? Appreciate any insight. If you can not identify the mystery Bistro, a recommendation of an alternative in the area would be appreciated. Vine
  13. Too bad you could not get into Au Bon Accueil - I took a group of 8 there last November largely on the recommendation of Mr Talbott and it was wonderful. Superb oysters, great fish and meat main entrees and very good desserts. the wine list was very good as well. Service superb. I'd be interested if it continues to maintain it's standard as I'll be back in Paris next spring and would like to go back again.
  14. We are going to the south of France next spring and would appreciate comments from any member who has eaten at Chez Bru in Eygalieres. Thanks in advance.
  15. Correct, indeed, I think in making my way to bathrooms either up or downstairs I frequently see such space(s) but I rarely make note of them. One great room that is perfect now (eg in game season) is the second floor room seating 6-10 persons at Le Petit Colombier. ← Just got back from 10 days in Paris. We ate at the following places: Au Bon Accueil - Dinner for 10 - everyone was blown away by the food and service. Good wine list. Highly recommended. L'Amis Jean - Dinner for 8 - very informal and friendly - the place was absolutely buzzing. Waiter selected a number of small dishes for starters for the table - everything from a basket of sausage varierties to grilled pieces of quail. Mains were well received. Limited wine list. This was a fun spot! Highly recommended. Bistro Stella - Dinner for 4 - the service and reception at this Bistro is outstanding. Food's very good too. Large selection of Oysters with a limited but passable wine list. My grilled Sole with Frites was superb. Highly recommended. Chez George - dinner for 6 - the most "Parisian" of the Bistros we went to. Rather spartan surroundings without the "buzz or positive hustle" of L'Ami Jean or Stella; nor the "sophistication" of Au Bon. Food and wine list were passable. I'd personally give this a pass in future. La Butte Chaillot - dinner for 4 - a Guy Savoy baby bistro and a major disapointment. Maybe it was disadvantaged because it was a Sunday night, but our server seemed totally disinterested in the whole process and the food didn't make up for the service. Wine list is limited and expensive. Based on our evening, this spot is off the list. If you are going to be in Paris I would highly recommend you consider the top 3 Bistros mentioned above. Enjoy. Vine
  16. Kev; Would appreciate knowing where you are taking the course in Toronto - am interested and would appreciate your comments on location / quality of content / cost etc. Thanks. Vine
  17. Well, I’ll spare you the mini-lecture on how one shouldn’t be restricted to one quartier or other because almost any place in Paris is reachable in 20-45 minutes; nor get into a favorite debate on this Forum – “What is a bistrot?” Instead, here are my thoughts for a place where 10 of you can talk and be heard and not disturb others too much: Au Bon Acceuil which has a small room that should seat 10 Bastide Odeon, where upstairs there is probably room for 10 and if not crowded - you’ll be alone. As for 6 of you; the options widen and include: Maison du Jardin, the table to the right of the door against the window, Ze Kitchen Galerie, the table in the back corner against the window, where the friends of M. Ledeuil usually dine. Mediteranee on the porch at the far end (West end) Other places where I’m afraid 6 would overwhelm the place are Cinq Mars, Les Papilles + Wadja. I’d also consider Auberge Bressane for special mention, simply because it’s the most classic bistro look in the 6th or 7th I know of, altho’ the food is not up to the atmosphere. ← Thanks for the response John - I'll take your advice about not restricting ourselves to a specific district and ask you if there are any Bistros that are high on your list in other parts of Paris. Vine
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