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  1. Come and see me at Gotham Steakhouse for a big steak, and sides. The Tomato/red onion/blue cheese salad with a loaf of onion bread will also take care of that big appetite
  2. I remember when Carmelos used to stuff croissant with pastry cream, and dip them in chocolate. This was good.
  3. Uncle Fatihs pizza at 9th/Commercial is probably the best slice pizza around. Great pizza, and nice people running it. 4 Brothers Pizza on the drive serves mediocre pizza, and is extremely rude to people. My 8 yr old attempted to pay for a slice with $1.50 in change but had the pizza taken out of his hand because there were 10 pennies in the change. They do not accept more than 5 pennies per transaction. nice way to treat a 8 year old. I attempted to discus this issue with the owner, and was called a homosexual, and told to fuck off.
  4. The Charlattan is owned by the boys from Elwoods and Five point. It is open at night, and I'm told brunch on the weekends. These guys are known for great ambiance, high quality pub food that has been tweaked up market by a french chef. open til 12 midnight as is most spots on the drive.I hear the Aroma is run by some characters. Have to go and check it out.
  5. I had a great meal yesterday at Legendary Noodle on 26th and Main. This is seriously authentic noodle fare, and very reasonable. The bread noodle soup from Xian was a hit. I really only wanted to spread the word on this place, but since I must... I had chocroute, and casoulet with the family at Brasserie Lipp on St. Germaine de Pres in Paris, and my camembert/baguette sandwich at Gerard Mulot Patisserie was so amazing in its simplicity. The ice cream at Berthillon was amazing too. Oh Pareeeee!!!! I must mention Van de Linde in Amsterdam ( and Sensi Cafe too) only because I found something TOOOOOO good. I had been a couple years ago, and decided to go back. They serve soft ice cream, and whip cream in a waffle cone. It is a dutch classic. (Ijs mit slagroom) The dutch have outstanding dairy products, very high in butter fat. Man it was so rich I could barely finish my big cone, but the 3 year old next to me had no problem with the same. Her dad owned it up to "training".
  6. Steamed Buns are great in the morning. In the same general area are the fresh noodles, and fried tofu. Exotic fruits are their. In the deli section look for the woman rolling what seems to be a Chinese burrito, sticky rice and 4 savory things you choose to roll up in a wrap. Get a Dikon, and some chicken bones and cook up some serious dikon soup. The pig bung gets my wife and the kids excited, but I'll reserve judgement. Chicken wings, prawns, lobster and crabs are all good quality.
  7. Well, Ms. Gill likes the Windjammer on 15th and main. 3 Sri Lankan vetrans of working at Umberto/pino restaurants for many years took over this english fish and chips joint, and are serving great food at real bargain prices. I love this place. Anyone been yet. What did you think?
  8. The Windjammer is now being operated by some of the Sri Lankan lads that toiled for years at Il Giardino, and some other gigs around town. They took over from long time owners, and reports are that they have spiffed it up big time. The old english pub decor is warm, and inviting, and the food much improved. The oil is clean, so the Fish and Chips is first rate. The halibut and cod were tasty, and the accompianments were authentic good. Mushy peas for anyone. Tas, and Jiggen have added some really great pasta dishes. They learnt from the best, and the Seafood Linguini was the same quality as Mr. Menghis, and the Lasagne was so light, and tasty. They are introducing these dishes along with others to their clientelle at serious good deals. My Lasagne was a bargain $4.50, but wow!!!. They will add a few other goodies to a new menu soon. These guys are definetly worth checking out. They are across from JJ Bean at 15th and Main. Interested in hearing your thoughts.
  9. Come and see us at Gotham Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar. Great room, and tasty drinks. We are a contemporary steakhouse in a grand room that has a reputation for tender steaks, and stiff drinks. We also have a pianist tue. to sun., that really sets a good mood.
  10. Sorry, I was refering to a chef of the past who has since moved on to another gig, and then moved on to no gig.
  11. I see over on the City Food Beta site there is a rumour of Gianni Picchi (one of her former chefs and ex Il Giardino, etc. chef) checking out the space. I had also heard he was looking up in Edgemont Village as well. Wonder which side of the positive or negative he held at Beachside? Ah the same old story with that guy. Probably negative. Another one of those titans of the restaurant scene that treated his staff like shit. I wish him a job as Pinos sous chef. They deserve eachother. Yeah, I sound bitter. I am. alienating staff and customers is their gig. Reminds me of another classic in Yaletown... ←
  12. I actually have a copy of a previous Air Canada Food issue, and look forward to reading the latest. The main article in that issue (2005) was written by Chris Johns, and I found it very informative, and entertaining. Have you read the issue. Have you read the issue. We do not all look to Air Canada to rank our restaurants for us, but to compare some fine new restaurants, and let travellers know where they could try some hardworking, and brave restauranteurs new project is not all that bad. Their are so many new websites set up by so many Internet publishers, like yours, out there that presume to inform us on restaurants, and many other subjects. Why would we want to look to your website when it is not even the most important website in my favorite list. Because we can. So do not shoot the messenger. I think your larger issue is actually quite small.
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