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I was born in Sarnia, Ontario and spent many of those years living near the beach. A cold Canadian beach, but a beach non-the-less. After high school, the decision of a career choice was whittled down to chemistry or the culinary arts. Chemistry was the winner. At the time it seemed logical that laboratory skills were more transferable to the kitchen than cooking skills to the lab. Four years later, I received my diploma in chemistry.

After a six year stint working in a world class oil and gas research facility, the time for change arrived, via a downsizing notice. After a couple of false starts in the pharmaceutical and information technology worlds, the possibility of going to chef school returned. During a period of quite contemplation, and a few drinks, I was whacked with the epiphany stick and the marriage of chemistry and bartending dawned upon me.

With a little research into the world of mixology and a completely stocked home bar, that rivaled many bars, and irritated his wife with all the clutter, the fusion of science and art began. As I rifled through the classic drinks, to modern interpretations, and the occasional vile concoction, the chemistry skills started to refine the art. A whole new world of experimental flavors opened up in a way that satisfied my experimental curiosity and his culinary cravings. A bartender was born.

Currently, I am employed as a bartender and spend my time introducing people to great cocktails. I can also be found working on original cocktail creations and other bartender related topics at www.theartofdrink.com.

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