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  1. Oh, and the weather was crazy...minus eight degrees without the wind chill factored in. These California girls were pretty cold, but wouldn't let that stop us. I just focused on not slipping on the sidewalk....and that was before cocktails! It was something like 80 degrees warmer when we got home. Amazing.
  2. Well, we had a great, great time there on the 17th & 18th. Kyle took really good care of us both nights. Thank you, Kyle! He made me a killer drink with some kind of rye. Could it have been Thomas Handy? That's what is on my receipt. It was, I believe, a version of a Manhattan. But maybe I'm wrong. Any idea? It was his suggestion so maybe he'll know. He stirred it all up in a bucket with ice until it was the right proof. It was absolutely perfect. I want to know what it was! What a beautiful space and concept. We'd be regulars if we weren't 2,000 miles away. And the deviled eggs rocked! Interested in opening something in SF?
  3. The pies at Otto are really great. Though they are griddled, which some people have a problem with, they're crisp, thin but not too thin, and the quality and selection of toppings is creative and absolutely divine. Plus, then you can have some killer pasta like the Cacio e Pepe, which is worth crying over it is so good. Great wine list, too.
  4. Alchemist, I totally know what you're saying about the pies being light enough to lunch on and then do something like the Tour at Alinea. It seems to go against what you'd think but it is totally true. The thick/thin crust thing is really a matter of personal taste. I think there are good versions of both to be found, I just prefer the thin kind. Not so down with the cracker crust kind though. I don't like pizza that breaks! Vito & Nick's also has super yummy anchovies on the side and hot peppers. (I can never keep the name of that place straight, though. I always think it's Vick & Neato-s, which works too, I guess. That's my dyslexia hard at work) We loved their pie's so much we took two home frozen. Just as delicious back home. We will for sure be making the pilgrimage once more when we are there in a week or so.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Well, we'll be five people, so maybe the bar is not an option? I think we'll be there sometime just after 6 since we have dinner reservations later both nights (Moto, Green Zebra) and that way us soft west coasters won't be popsicles waiting to get in! Maybe we'll try for Thursday, too. I already know I'm going to fall in love with the place. Thanks for the tip on Forno. I've had that bubbly and it is good. Exit sounds totally awesome. I'll bring my handcuffs.
  6. We are going to be in Chicago on the 17th & 18th and are going to try to come in. Your place looks just fantastic. We're lucky here in SF to have Bourbon & Branch and Rye and am glad to see Chicago has a great bar like yours. The Alinea party looked like big trouble! Hope there was a line of taxis at the door at the end of the night! What a time that must have been. Congratulations on doing something you obviously truly love. Two questions: Using Slivovitz in anything? What are the hours now?
  7. For pizza there is nothing better than Vito & Nicks on the southside. www.vitoandnick.com It is a trek from downtown, but way worth the drive. They make the thinnest most excellent pies cut into squares. The pies are a down home work of art. Nothing fancy here but it does not need to be. It also has a ton of good mojo: shag carpet on the walls, old timers hanging around at the bar, family run place that's been open for years and years. It is a classic. The first time I went was straight from O'Hare, starving and a little cranky. We didn't know the best way to get there, which would be the freeway (really easy and pretty fast), so we drove down MLK which not only took about three days, it was also a real eye opener. Vito & Nick's just has a vibe that is so hard to find. Get the 'special' which is sausage, mushrooms, onion and peppers. Perfection! Of course, a pitcher of beer is a necessity. Then we went to Alinea for dinner! A great day.
  8. You know what worked best for us when we were there recently? An iPhone! We had a good digital point & shoot but we also used our iPhone sometimes and those pics came out beautifully. That phone seems to work very well in low light. It's 2 megapixels or more and it rocked. Good luck to everyone!
  9. THE BEST is Vito & Nick's on the Southside. OK, it might take a day to get there, but it is worth it. Incredibly thin with the right amount of toppings in a time capsule of a room. It is an awesome place. Great friendly service; we took pictures with the kids working there and they gave us folding chef hats. Sweet. It was a great time right out of O'Hare. First thing we did. We only wish we could've made it a second time.
  10. Oh, yeah, there's a line most of the time so be aware of that. I try to go early when they first open for the day. It's worth the wait, though.
  11. Father's Office! A million beers on tap...some you will never see anywhere else and the best burger in the world. Not to mention lots of other more complex dishes. I had one of the best soft shell crab starters in my life. The food is sublime! Go!
  12. What is a general characterization if not a true comment? As locals, it is the feeling we have. We've been there many times. It is disappointing as it's a great space and has so much potential. Just hoping the next owners put a little more heart into it. Lauren's is great. We love the diversity of the menu. Her corn cakes are wonderful! Yes, the entire Anderson Valley is fantastic because it's not crazy busy like Mendocino, Napa or Sonoma. It is still sort of undiscovered and easy to manage. Yet there are so many great wineries to visit. And new ones opening up seemingly every day. Been to Harmonique or Standish or Lazy Creek? Each one unique with just killer wines. Anderson Valley is the best place to visit for wines. It just needs a great destination restaurant.
  13. If you haven't had the pizze next door at Pizzeria Picco, GO! It is one of the best in the country. Their toppings are fantastic and they are always cooked just right. The salads are super fresh and inventive. AND the Straus Dairy soft serve organic ice cream with olive oil and sea salt is to die for!!!!!!!
  14. Well, the Boonville Hotel has suffered from inattention and high prices/bad service for a long time. We stopped going there a couple of years ago after having unremarkable and pricey meals. We are hoping the new owners give it more attention and lose the attitude. Anderson Valley needs a great restaurant. There are some good casual options available (Libby's Mexican is out of this world!, and the Boonville General Store has awesome food), but we could use a finer dining option. Also we went to Cafe Beaujolais a few months ago and it was very, very good. There were new owners who comped desert as an opening courtesy. Their wine list is also phenomenal Low markups, if they are even above retail.
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