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  1. Strip House downtown- great steaks, pricey, expensive wine list Pappas - same as above, better wine list Lynn's on Dairy Ashford- a hike from downtown but worth it and wonderful, reasonable wine list esp for wines with bottle age Non steakhouse steaks Catalan ribeye + fabulous wine list Cafe Rabelais - ribeye with shallots and mustard - wow Churraso's for a churrasco steak (tenderloin)
  2. Honestly, my favorite wine bars are Catalan, Ibiza & Reef. Take 4 people and get 2 bottles. Retail +$6 + great selections. No need for dinner just appetizers.... Also SoVino is fun - good list and a lot less crowded than others. Am a fan of Cova and 13 Celsius, too - just want as many choices as possible!
  3. Someone else is on my quest! Hong Kong supermarket is great (and the kids love it). Very good selection and prices. A bit of a hike from inner-loop but closer than Seabrook. Have been pretty unsuccessful in finding great and reasonable places. Like Airline and it's much closer. Selection seems to vary a bit. WF and CM (esp CM) are awesome but it's hard to pay the same price for snapper as ribeye steaks. Would be happy to participate in some sort of service - maybe hire a buyer (?) to make weekly runs. Would one of the Seabrook places deliver if there was enough volume?
  4. Walked over a couple weeks ago from my office for lunch - absolutely fantastic. Great service, good atmosphere, pretty quick, too. I had the steak salad (delicious) and my colleague had a risoto appetizer and the venison burger. Very reasonable prices for the quality of the food. Am headed back for dinner soon-
  5. Went on Saturday - packed. Can't complain about a 20 minute wait with wine glass in hand, perusing an interesting selection in the retail section. Service spotty - it needs some work - but food was great, as was the wine selection. Any place that allows me to order a bunch of food friendly wine and pick out a great bottle of wine from the store to go with it is fantastic. Kinks will get worked out, I am sure - just want to make sure this one survives!
  6. Good luck on the opening. I work in Chase Tower and am excited to have another great and interesting option within walking distance - pics look good -
  7. You've got lots of great suggestions. The Med Center is pretty close to the central business district and a bunch of great restaurants in the Rice Village, West University, Mid Town and Montrose districts. I live about two blocks from the Med Center so will pass on some spots within a short drive: Rice Village - Cafe Rebalais is a great French bistro. No reservations so wait can be a bit long even if you show up early. Cafe Saigon may be the best upscale Vietnamese around. Also good and a lot of fun is Mi Luna, a tapas restaurant that attracts a lively crowd on weekends and has live Latin
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