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  1. My husband wants to eat at Charlie Trotter's on our next trip into Chicago. It is one of the few biggies in town we have not eaten at yet. We are trying to decide if we want to try to book the Kitchen table (we are very flexible on date) but that would require us to talk a couple of extra friends to trek to Chicago with us. Has anyone ever booked the Kitchen table? What was the experience like?
  2. I agree with johnnyd that The Bar of Chocolate is your best dessert/brandy place, but if your in the more for just brandy, The Top of the East in The Eastland Hotel offers a great view. Sweatbreads are my favorite! We are doing the Chef's menu at Hugo's. I hope they show up somewhere! We ate at 555 a year or so ago and it was on top of the list. I think we will end up there again. We always stay at the Eastland Park because the rates are so good (more money to spend on meals!) and we can walk just about everywhere we want to be. The view from the bar is great but the drinks list seems lacking. If the weather holds out, we will try to make the trek back down to Bar of Chocolate after the play. I do want to make a visit. Now, can I impose upon you folks for another recommendation? My company is doing it damnest to screw up this weekend for me. I will be flying in on the red eye from San Francisco into Portalnd on the morning of the 17th instead of a nice leisurly drive my my house in central New Hampshire. Let's just say I might look a little scary at that point. Is there someplace in the neighborhood I can drag myself to grab a bit of lunch that won't throw me out for looking like a derelict?
  3. The Portland Stage is on Forest just off of Congress.
  4. Wow, my first post to egullet. I hope I get it right. I have tickets for the Portlands Stage on March 18 (Saturday) for an 8:00pm performance. We will be having dinner at Hugo's on March 17 so we don't want come down to hard on Saturday for a pre-dinner meal in the neighborhood of the theater. Anyone have suggests? We have been in a bit of a rut when we make our trips to Protland. I am not complaining mind you but it is nice to try something new and interesting. Our only requirements is that we can get a decent bottle of wine. Also, any post-theater brandy/desert place suugest are also welcome.
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