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  1. Very happy to see it on TV last night - well deserved. I've been going 1/2 times a year since Robert Thompson was there and have enjoyed every meal I've had. I'd even potentially say that the last meal I had there was the best (my memory slips as to my order though) I was surprised the service was criticised though, I think this is one of the most enjoyable parts of a meal at Winteringham Fields - the staff are all friendly, knowledgeable and even after a gap of 9 months still remember you On a different note I like the number of amuse bouche you receive, although I suppose I am a little greedy ;-)
  2. Very happy to The Pipe and Glass get one
  3. A couple of options would be Ithaca (although certainly not French) and Michael Caines at ABode. If you just fancy a good steak at any time just try Gaucho Grill. I've not been for a little while but enjoyed my meal at Lounge Ten a while back.
  4. Sentiments very much echoed Gary, it's my Dad local place to eat (well not the most local but the best in the locality) so I've been many a time. I love the Smoked Haddock and Pearl Barley Risotto with Parmesan Crisp. I had partridge last time I went which was great, I'll be going again next time I'm visiting my Dad (hopefully soon!)
  5. I've not been yet but Juniper got very good reviews in the MEN - I believe the chef has brought his whole brigade up from his place in the South West so it should be good...
  6. I've never been but I do know Robert Thompson (ex Winteringham Fields and Waldo's) is taking on the restaurant at The Hambrough. Great young chef!
  7. Hello All, I've just had a look on the search facility and could not find much mention of Ibiza. My work colleagues (not me unfortunately as I am away the weekend they are going) are going to Ibiza; does anybody have any recommendations about where to go to dine at night please? Thanks Dan
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    Thanks sethd, glad you enjoyed your meals there! 7 good meals implies total consistency which is always good to know. Very much looking forward to it!! PS Will also take your advice about popping into Bar Americaine afterwards as well, thanks
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    Thanks John I did have a try with the search function before writing but it crashed three times so thought it must be broken Will have a nosey through those threads, thanks againg
  10. Hello Everyone, I am in the fortunate position of going to Monaco this weekend with work. The only thing we have planned so far is Louis XV on Friday evening. Has anybody got any suggestions please for bars to go to on either Friday or Saturday please? Maya Bar is the one I have found so far (or my boss found as I've not had much chance to look yet) Also, any suggestions for dinner on Saturday night would be most appreciated? Ideally reasonably priced given the cost of Louis XV Thanks Dan PS Hopefully this is the right topic area for this thread
  11. Nt too sure to be honest Gary, trying to find out at the mo!
  12. Not strictly about The Terrace but it is about Cliveden - Robert Thompson is moving on after only 8 months to run his own restaurant on the Isle of Wight (well his own restaurant within a small hotel, 7 rooms)
  13. Although the chap is on the pass with Colin is one of the chefs from 2000 - 2002 I think; he has recently returned from a spell private 'cheffing' down south
  14. Hi Gary. I must confess to not having been under the Schwabs, both meals were when Robert Thompson when was there.
  15. This will be a quick post as I'm up early for work unfortunately but I've just been back to WF this evening and thought I would quickly post my thoughts Despite the problems they have had over the past 12 months I firmly believe this was the best of the three meals that I have had there, the only course that didn't quite do it for me was the dessert but even that was a 7/10 course. Amuse Bouche were Pineapple Canneloni, something I have totally forgotten and a shot of bloody mary essence (tomato water) topped with a basil mousse. The best of these was the shot, very very tasty! We had the Menu Surpise and it was as follows Fishcake with fried calimari; wish I could remember the rest of this dish as it was lovely but it was the pre course so is not on the printed out menu they give you. Goats Cheese Tortellini (would have been mushroom but I'm not a fan), asparagus, orange, flowers and pistachio salad finished with sauce vierge Roasted Suckling Pig, artichoke puree, pak choi, sea bream, bacon and parsley oil Salt Baked scallops, confit peppers and leek veloute (the dish was finished at the table, i.e scallop taken from the salt etc) Tequila Granite and Lemon Sorbet Lamb loin, olive potato, spiced carrot puree, spinach served with lamb jus The Winteringham Fields Cheese Trolley - I had 4 cheeses but can't remember the names, one looked like 'fudge' though Passion fruit souffle, vanilla panacotta topped with apricot foam Raspberry mousse with strawberry and ginger emulsion, accompanied by a pepper and strawberry sorbet, honey and lemon verbena foam Along with the standard selection of mini tarts and chocolates that was just about everything. Top 3 dishes starting with the best were lamb, pig, scallops. As mentioned above this was the best of the 3 meals that I've had there and I can happily say that WF will get one star back (or at least should) next year. A couple of the courses were two star standard IMHO.
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