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  1. Going to Berlin in early april. Anyone able to provide updated recommendations for medium-priced places - BiB gourmand style places, but not limited to such. No special cuisine or anything, as long as its tasty!
  2. sounds like great choices - keepem coming
  3. here thru the elections - looking for good, informal places - no specific cuisine I had dinner at Graffiato http://graffiatodc.com/ - octopus with olives, was great - pizza also delicious looking for same kind of atmosphere - no necessarily italian inspired. I am at Dupont Circle, but anywhere within reachable by Metro is fine Any help appreciated Jakob
  4. Atmosphere is fun there - but for the food. Schønemanns or Aamanns is way better imo,
  5. Going there in a week - want to make sure to get some of those famous Moules Frites? Other recommendations welcome as well
  6. relae is not exclusively Nordic - but the chef there used to be the sous at Noma, and the influence in taste and technique is there, but he also draws from his italian background radio - is more Noma light. The owner, is also co-owner at Noma kadeau - is both more and less fundamentalists. Their base is the cuisine and product of the tiny Island Bornholm, where the main restaurant also is - but they arent purists I believe. They have received great reviews for a long while now
  7. you are going to get some great meals for sure! Aamanns is great for smørrebrød Schønemanns is another option there the names on your list are the hot tickets atm - are you looking for a something specific, they are very different places
  8. Will be there early february. Not looking for any particular kind of food, as long as it is great, I hope someone can help
  9. What are you looking for? Le Sommelier in nearby Bredgade os good. If you want steak, so is MASH same street For more of a nordic cuisine without going to NOMA, AAmans in øster farimagsgade is a good bet (5 min by cab)
  10. Geranium closed about a month ago, due to a disagreement btw søren and rasmus and the new owner. The old owner was commited to turning Geranium into a world class restaurant, the new one, not so much apparently. Quite a shame, but the boys have promised to open up a new place.
  11. Not much opening, far more closings (Noveau, Geranium) A couple of places recently opened in the upper medium genre, getting some buzz Kødbyens Fiskebar - http://www.fiskebaren.dk/da/ - fish place in the old meatpacking part of Copenhagen that also sports a couple of fancy bars, and some galleries among the still working butchers MASH - steakhouse http://www.mashsteak.com/default.asp - founded by the guys behind Le sommelier, and Umami (both still worth a visit) in the High end Restaurant MR is set to reopen - http://www.mr-restaurant.dk/ Scarpetta- an italian place from the boys behind Cofoco etc just won AOK - Best new restaurant, haven't been myself Aamanns - whose danish smørrebrød I am a huge fan of, has opened an evening place next door, focusing on modern danish - http://www.aamanns.dk/
  12. ...going there next week. Looking for good, moderne british food. Good gastropub. Any other personal favourites Thanks Jakob
  13. I'll give it a go Best smørrebrød: My vote goes to Aamanns, in Østre Farimagsgade http://www.aamanns.dk/index2.html - it is a slightly modern, less mayonaissey version of smørrebrød. All homemade, and even cheaper than most of the usual suspects from the guide books. It is a little off the beaten track, but not far from the city centre, and right next to The National Museum of Art, should one be so inclined. The best pølse: Across the street from the central train station is a deli abnd a hotel called Nimb. In a small hole-in-the-wall they do great (yet ekpensive) hot dogs. Greeeattt. Not michelin: Slightly more difficult. The best ´nordic´places are top end, and I advice you to eat a few more hot dogs and save up for Noma. One place http://www.saahvidt.dk/, supposedly does good modern danish food, but I haven't been there myself, so I cant vouch. Bakery: Andersens, to my knowledge, has no store in Denmark. I like the chain emmerys, to be found in several locations, http://www.emmerys.dk/emmerys.htm. More traditional, but also good, Lagkagehuset, in Christianshavns Kanal. Great neighborhood to get a cofffee and relax. Enjoy Jakob
  14. Got back from Cefalu last week, and while the city was wonderful, I was less impressed with the food scene. Great pizza at Al Girotondo, 10 minutes outside of the historic town centre. Good pasta at La Botte. Less than stellar fish at the restaurants with wonderful seating seaside. I would recommed getting on a bus to Castelbuono, app 20 km inland. Charming little town, and a restaurant that specializes in game and mushrooms. Nangalarunni. Great place, wonderful food.
  15. Going there in september, and would love to hear suggestions of any kind Best Jakob
  16. I am afraid I haven't been there, even though I live fairly close by. It has an excellent reputation. French orientation, not cutting edge in any way, but not old fashioned either. Some of my co-workers believe it is the best restaurant in the country (I am not in the food business), and I would have surely gone there long ago was it not because it is quite pricey. Not sure how useful this information is...but there it is....
  17. 12 stars is indeed a record for Copenhagen. As to why Formel B lost its rising star, I am not sure anyone other than the Michelin inspecotr knows. They have been getting consistently great reviews in danish media. Noma just got its second star last year, they probably need to maintain their level of cooking for at least another year to get the 3rd star. I am rooting for them though...
  18. We were in sevilla 2 weeks ago. Had tapas at Becerrita, which was very nice. We also had dinner at El Espigon, which was fantastic. It is a little oout of the center, classic place, great seafood.
  19. Yeah, I know, I think we'll get a car take a tour sevilla-ronda-malaga-granada, or something like that. Any advice, outside the old postings
  20. Is a place like Tragabuches still top notch?
  21. Hi there, my girlfriend and I will be going to Sevilla in July, and are looking for recs on good tapas places. We would also like to try at least one of the top end places in the area. Besides Sevilla we will definetly also go to Granada and maybe Malaga. We have a car so all suggestions in the area will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jakob
  22. Primo looks great! We will have a car, and have a chance to get around a little, but we will be pretty busy during the day.
  23. Anyone have recommendations for Rockport?
  24. Is clean and fresh [which judgement I support completely and which I described as "simple"] not a bit too little to deserve two stars? Furthermore, I missed overall balance in the different plates. ← I think it is a matter of taste (aha!), meaning that if you come looking for a foie gras creamy experience, you are not going to get that. But you will get something different - and in my opinion very tasty indeed. The shellfish are the best I've ever had. I've had quite a few courses where my initial reaction was - hmm - but I ended up more than satisfied. Example: They have a pre dessert which is a fresh cheese with a granite of the grass and plants that the animals had lived on. My first thought - they are overthinking it - but it was superb. I always recommend Noma to foreign visitors, because I truly think you get something you can't get anywhere else, and darn tasty too!
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