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  1. La Chronique is fantastic-please try to have dinner there while in town-you will also most probably enjoy Anise. Both of these are featured in this Board. If you can get your hands on the recent Gourmet issue on montreal you will get lots of ideas..Club Chasse et peche should also be on your list.. Alida
  2. Hi. You can get great butter at Qui L'ait Cru shop in Jean Talon market. I believe they also carry cream. Alida
  3. Hi Bethala and welcome to Egullet. I know you will have an excellent mini vacation in Mtl. As for your questions I would skip Eggspectation-really nothing special at all-I would rather have breakfast at someplace like Reservoir on St laurent or even L'Express or Lemeac-another great bistro on Laurier street in the Outremont area of town-yes they each do a breakfast- and this way you can go to Brunoise for dinner-it really would be something enjoyable-I have never had a bad meal there and I think you will be surprised at the quality of the food for the cost...Brunoise has a website where you can take a look at the menu for the season-www.brunoise.ca , You can also ask for reservations online. They are not located very far from Chocolats de Chloe... When you arrive I suggest you go to Atwater market for your cheese snack it will be closer to where you are staying-save the Jean Talon market for when you have time to explore. Another place worth considering is taking a cab and going to Bu -a great wine bar on St Laurent where you can have a nice glass of wine and a small plate of nibbles before your dinners. I would ditch Maestro-much better oysters at Joe Beef... Have agreat time-and don't forget an umbrella-there may be some rain unfortunately... Alida
  4. Thx-will try Beach Bistro! Alida
  5. Thanks for the update! Alida
  6. Hi. A friend and I have rented a condo on Ana Maria Island for a week starting April 17th. Any recommendations for dining there or nearby? What about some great wine shops and fish markets etc-ie places where we can pick up some great produce and fresh fish to have at lunch. Thx for your help Alida
  7. As a subscriber I would be very pissed if there was a separate "Collector's Edition" as I did not receive it. I would feel cheated as if they held out on me. ← Same for me as a longtime subscriber ie over 15 years I would be really upset if the subscribers would not have received it...Has anyone called Gourmet to find out?? Alida
  8. Julien Leblanc-they have offices on Sherbrooke street -catered a black tie gala for the law firm I was working at a couple of years ago--about 400 people--I had no complaints about the service or the food-mind you I picked one of their higher end menus and had a couple of tastings before... hope this helps Alida
  9. Try some more out of the way places like grocery stores(ie Loblows, Provigos etc) and pharmacy chains that carry magazines-that's where I found some for friends of mine! Alida
  10. Hi. I was wondering if anyone dropped by the first Salon du Chocolat held on November 12 and 13th at the Marché Bonsecours-I wanted to attended but was unable to. I am wondering what it was like and if it looked like a success?? Alida
  11. Many thx for suggestions! Alida
  12. Many thx for the suggestions! Alida
  13. Thx-will certainly add it to my list of places to visit! Alida
  14. Thx-will be sure to add it to my list! Alida
  15. Thx for the suggestions! Alida
  16. Hi. I will be arriving in Barcelona on October 5th and staying there for a week. I plan to bring back some goodies including turron, olive oil in metal containers-due to the fact that I will be continuing my trip to Paris and glass is easy to break, and saffran.. Suggestions on where I can purchase the best turron and the other goodies? Thx Alida
  17. There is a place not too far and not too cher, that I noted in the Digest last November and ate at twice (once great; second time less great) that given we're entering game season, might fit the bill You're staying in an area that's not known for its inexpensive places. but I'll see if I can come up with more. ← Thx-any suggestions even if not inexpensive for the are will be welcomed-I wouldn't mind trying afew nicer places in the area where I am staying as well
  18. Hi. I will be visiting Paris form Oct 11 to 17th and staying at Hotel Courcelles in front of Parc Monceau. Any suggestions for casual but good places to eat around that area-I will be visiting places like Aux Lyonnais etc but wanted a couple of more casual places to balnace out the more expensive meals. I will also visit the Marais area for the first time-having always concentrated around St Germain and the Madeleine district and would welcome suggestions for lunch or dinner. Thx Alida
  19. I am certain that you will have a great experience with your daughter. The service is excellent and you and your daughter will not be disappointed in the food. They are always charming and accomodating. Just let them know in advance and I am sure they can come up with something from what they have that will be gobbled up by your daughter-she will especially like the bread and desserts! Have a great evening Alida
  20. Oops-forgot to mention Adonis Grocery store on my list-located on l'Acadie boulevard- Happy Food Tour! Alida
  21. You can also try Arthur Quentin on St Denis-they also have a website which you can look at. I also visited a store on Monkland called Concept de cuisine-they had quite a nice variety of housewares-albeit not on same scale as an Ares.. Happy shopping Alida
  22. Put your walking shoes and add the following to your list: Un amour de Thés-for teas from around the world-Monkland street Chocolats de Chloé-Roy street near St Denis Qui l'ait cru?-cheese-at new shops in Jean Talon market Le Fouvrac-on Laurier east near Fromentier-great food shop Casa dei ravioli on Charland street in East end for great pasta Milano grocery store on St lawrence street in Little Italy-while in Little Italy have a coffee at Café Zanetti on Shamrock street There is also a new olive oil and spice store in the new strip of stores in the market-forgot the name but you can't miss it-I think it is next to the place that sells only veal from Charlevoix Van Houtte grocery store on Laurier west -to find some great products from France Happy exploring! Alida
  23. Grazie mille for all the wonderful suggestions-this is really helpful. Ciao! Alida
  24. Hi. I need some recomendations for some great gelato places in Florence in July-where they serve the artisinal types-none of that flavour that comes from powders etc. Some great bakeries where one can get some sandwiches , cheese and pastries for an alfresco lunch would also be helpful. Thx for your suggestions Alida
  25. Try the following-Les Touilleurs on Laurier, La Soupiere on Ste Catherine, Quincallerie Danté on Danté street in Little Italy, Ares kitchen supplies(unfortunately in West Island) and Monas on Park Avenue(for item number one) Good luck Alida
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