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  1. It's really subtle, but you can tell the difference between the cane and high fructose ones. It's not as big as I had hoped. Mexican coke is cane sugar and so is throwback pepsi. I would always opt for the cane if possible. Costco sells mexican coke year round.
  2. hey guys, I'm heading out to vegas on the 9th and staying the weekend but unfortunately I'm on a strict diet for health reasons. Technically this is all I can eat All meats (except pork) Vegetables Fruits (except oranges) Eggs Brown rice (short or long grain) Brown rice cakes (plain) Brown rice cereal (hot) Tea, Coffee Ideally it would be all organic. I'll be staying @ caesar's palace, does this sound accomplishable at all? I heard the Canyon Ranch Cafe has some pretty good organic eggs so I can have that, but I have to find a way to make sure there's no butter or cream. Other than that I planned a dinner at swish shabu shabu. Would any of the buffet's accomodate me? Are there any good seafood restaurants where i can just get some broiled fish and steamed vegetables?
  3. That sounds like one of our courses - I thought the green spread was pretty bitter and I have no idea what was in it (menus? where are our menus?). One of my favorites all night. I didn't want to do the 5 course because I wanted to taste more things, and I'm glad we made that decision. There wasn't anything I would have wanted to miss. Also, our waiter explained that the 8 courses are smaller portions than the 5, and essentially not much more food. That dish was delicious. The bread was perfectly baked and the perfect texture and temperature. As was both the spread and the butter. YUM! I talked to my friend who I ate with today and we decided if we hadn't eaten 4 pieces of bread each we would have been ok. One slice of bread next time, but it's hard to control myself with that butter and selection of salts. <3 BH@SB.
  4. Just got back from dinner here and I loved it. They were very accommodating as one of our guests could not eat dairy. We had the farmer's feast and everything was wonderful, I was extremely worried we would be treated poorly because we arrived late (around 10pm for a 930 reservation) and we were under dressed (3 25 year olds who consider jeans and a polo dressed up). But they were very accommodating and gave very thorough explanations of each plate. Off the top of my head... Amuses... Fresh lime spritzer Pea burgers Asparagus with sesame seeds the farm vegetables Duck(?) marrow with caviar that's all I remember, might have been some more. Bread and butter with Horseradish, beet, and arugula salts. Plates.. Spanish mackerel sushi with some delicious dressings A fine grain bread with ricotta cheese and spinach(?) spread Todays pouched egg in a pea soup Pasta made from ostrich and turkey eggs with grated cured yolks Pork loin, leg and belly Duck belly and brain Desserts Champagne sorbet with some other fruits fresh creme with berries Now I've used very pedestrian words to describe each dish, but the beauty here is in how special each ingredient was. The butter was amazing as were the trio of salts. The fresh creme with berries was more like the most amazing chilled cream ever that taste like gourmet super fresh cheesecake topped with the sweetest assortment of berries ever made. And basically, that's how everything tasted. We passed on the cheese plate because we were too full, the next time I return I will get the smaller tasting menu it was too much for my small stomach. We skipped the tea too which is a shame because they bring the tea leaves to you still alive in water. Now I thought drying your tea leaves was important, but if this place serves them fresh, I'm willing to bet they taste delicious fresh. I thought the experience was fabulous and even a decent value for your money.
  5. Thanks bill, I didn't even think about checking the hotel's restaurant until you mentioned but it looks fabulous. Way pricier than I'd prefer but if I get lazy/feel splurgy I'm going to head there. Curlz, thanks for the Cullins recommendation. I think that's exactly what I've been looking for so I'm probably going check that place out.
  6. Hey guys, This weekend I'm heading over to Morristown NJ for a big convention at the Westin Governor Hotel. I'm basically curious for any recommendations at all since I have to eat, so I'd prefer to eat somewhere good. Ideally I'd like to eat as healthy as possible but I'm willing to work with what's available. Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
  7. Thanks, I was just double checking because I wasn't sure. Steeping about 2g of leaf for a good 3 minutes has produced the type of tea that I'm used to. I'm going to try the proper way and see how it works. I thought it did look and taste like gyokuro, but I'm not very well versed anyway. It sounds to me like it is simply sencha. I am so glad to have found this section of egullet as i"m going to be purchasing many different teas so I can become more familiar. As for if it is worth the price, I really have no idea. My friend is that farms next door neighbor and she gave me the packet as a present, thus far it is the most expensive tea I have had outside of teavana and yamamotoyama tea's.
  8. I'm drinking some Mauna Kea premium green tea. http://www.maunakeatea.com/our-teas/14/105. It reminds me of gyokuro green tea, but the instructions suggest 5g of leaf for 1 cup of water. Does that sound a little bit insane to anyone? Especially since it's $1/g and $2.5/g for the first picked.
  9. I was thinking tax and tip included actually. Thanks for the recommendation, from the website it looks like it won't be big enough for 25-30, but I'm going to stop by today and check it out. The decor also appears to be on the lower side of what I'm looking for, but this is just from the single picture they have on their website.
  10. Hey I was wondering if anyone knew of any NYC restaurants that are great to have a dinner party/small banquet for? The guestlist is about 25 people with a budget of about $175/person for dinner and drinks. Business casual would be the theme and the atmosphere has to be nice. Any suggestions? Midtown would be the most preferable location but I'm willing to check out any good recommendations.
  11. This could be indicative of a larger problem, like a candida infection.
  12. I ordered the SS sizzle platter and the iron sizzle platter but I realized these are not what I was looking for. The oval shape is correct, but the ones I'm thinking of are a little thicker and angled more. They are always used in the kitchen, but never brought outside. For instance, usually they'll sear the filet mignon in a pan and then place it in the oval steel object I'm looking for and put it in the broiler for 7 min. Then take it out, and place it on the food plate. Any ideas?
  13. Sorry if this is inappropriate or the wrong place to ask, but I've worked in several restaurants and they all have this oval steel plate that is used for the broiler. You put fish on it, tenderloin on it or what not then place it in the broiler. Does anyone know what they are called or where I could purchase one? Endless google searches came up with nothing for me. Thanks in advance!
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    Kanoyama used to be called Koi years ago, but then changed it's name to kanoyama. Probably due to legal pressure from Koi in the bryant park hotel. I haven't been, but I assume Koi in BP is trash.
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