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  1. I know this is an old post, but wanted to comment none-the-less. Having recently eaten at Manresa I look forward to a trip next week to Basque Country. Highlights to come, for now...a day in the kitchen and lunch the following day at Arzak. Dinner at Akelarre, lunch at Asador Etxebarri, a visit to Getarria to do one or both - Kaia-Kaipe and Elkano, obvious pintxos tours at night. trying to fit in Zuberoa and Berastegui. If you have any suggestions please let me know
  2. Di Fara in Brooklyn offers slices, and although the wait is mind boggling, I assure you it is worth every painstaking minute
  3. Looking for reccomandations for the Carmel area for lunch, dinner, and drinks. We'll have our dog's with us, so we are a little limited, however I understand there are quite a few restaurants that allow animals on the patios - any experience with any of them?
  4. Second that of Park Kitchen and Higgins, Farm is a descent veg option, if you are in the wine counrty - the Joel Palmer House (he does a good job w/ mushrooms and the season is pretty good at the moment) Paleys place is solid (sit at the bar), clarklewis was very good, Mother's for breakfast. Portland is a burgeoning food city, I had some good, and some great meals on my first trip there, and don't miss the house made pickles wherever you go!
  5. Zuni was at the top of my "must go" lists, on a recent visit to the area, and I was greatly underwhelmed...overcooked and under seasoned quail, which in turn was great compaired to the polenta it was served with, and no sauce to speak of. A couple of salads which I don't recall (not a good sign), and a fairly hefty recipt, all in all, the most disapointing meal I had (close second was Cafe de la Presse). The building is beautiful, second to Boulevard, but I had much better meals at Range, Ame, A16, Delfina, and Frisson. I think it was worth a trip, for the bar, and the ambience, but the food was very mediocre. Bad night? Possibly, but I 'm not sure they had salt in the kitchen.
  6. Clearly we have different tastes since I dislike Boulevard as well as Town Hall. Obviously people enjoy both restaurants (and Salt House as well) or they wouldn't be filling the tables, I just don't think the quality of the ingredients or the preparation is as good as it should be. I'd strongly recommend Quince or Delfina over Boulevard and Town Hall respectively. ← I second Delfina, Boulevard is a beautiful restaurant, worth a trip for a drink at the bar ( go after the market at the Ferry Building, and pastries at Boulettes Larder), but the menu looks like every other in SF (also, skip Zuni Cafe, unleess it's for a bloody mary and a burger for Sunday brunch). Ame for aps and sashimi is a decent choice. Redd is a great choice in Yountville, lunch or dinner. Yountville is great for the fact that you can start at Redd, for aps and drinks, walk two blocks to Bistro Jeanty for cassoulet and sweetbreads, than finish a block away, at Bouchon for some cheese and desserts, and some late night drinks( I believe they are open until 2 or 3Am )
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