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  1. The East 80's are not my territory but I need a place for dinner next week. Looking for good - casual - not noisy ---
  2. Will be in San Juan and Vieques next week and looking for dining suggestions --- both upscale and authenticaly local - but basically just the best food -
  3. Looking for not necessarily off the beaten path but really good local food in Crete, particularly around Chania -- also olive oil and wine events in October....
  4. Will be in Sarlat and surrounding area in October....restaurant and/or market suggestions would be welcomed....
  5. Looking for the fantasy country hotel/restaurant in Calvados (or nearby areas for Normandy) - casual and not stuffy but real quality regional food
  6. I second Swoon joining Le Petit Bistro (Rhinebeck) and Mina( Red Hook) as area restaurant's worth the trip. Jeff Gimmel at Swoon is not just lip service in supporting local agriculture and farmers - buys local pork, cures his own meat, in season product, etc. etc. Good restaurant and good chef.
  7. I note that there are 21 'authentic' bouchons listed for Lyon ....Informal consensus seems to favor Le Merciere, Chez Georges and A Ma Vigne.....Would be interested (and appreciative) of feedback and opinions on these and others - - recommendations and specialties.....I've not seen much discussion of the bouchons on Lyon postings.
  8. JGreen7292


    It's gotten very hit or miss - everyone is so rushed and busy - as long as you order something that doesn't require attention - i.e. fish that you don't want overcooked type thing - you're okay - but is the noise and commotion worth it?
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