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  1. Olie


    Graças a Deus, meu bem! I can't wait to have something other than PITU on the shelves. Best of luck! ← Obrigado, If you like, you can buy online for ME at: www.bevmax.com type (cachaca) in the search area and you'll find all of my products. I hope to meet and party with all good cachaca lovers. caipirinhas on me (soon)... Abraco
  2. Hiram I will also contact you personally... I appreciate your conviction to Absinthe as a historic liqueur. When I started to investigate the importation of this product, I considered lobbying for the change to accept artemisia absinthium as GRAS. I quickly learned what it would take...$$$ Hopefully someday I can contribute to make this happen. For now, I am a little guy. My marketing effort will play with the rich history of Absinthe, as Absente before me. I do not beleive that my efforts to market my product will unintentionally influence the TTB regarding hallucinations from alcoholic beverages. As that is a myth... I would like nothing more than to bring in the original recipe. Cheers
  3. Olie


    Sam, I have been meaning to say thank you for your kind post - THANKS! I am out of my mind working to turn on the US to quality Cachacas. Please stay in touch - all the best - cheers!
  4. Salutations, Sorry for my late return to this topic... Some amazing information I have learned thanks to these posts from Hiram, MaxH & slkinsey. Allow me to comment to Hiram (great posts!) Regarding Absinto Camargo - it is really a 'liqueur' - no where on the bottle is it refered to as Absinthe. I refer to it as an Absinthe type product. For consumer's we call it a Brazilian Absinthe - I stand corrected in purity. Absinto Camargo has a product available in Brazil and Europe (different label & btl) that is made with artemesia absinthium. We had to change the product for the American market (it still took me 9 month to get approvals to import), the changes to the original product are few, with the addition of mint, coloring (to make it more vibrant) and sugar content. And, no one 'trips' from Thujone - you are all correct - not that some people have not tried... I am sorry that you think my tag line in the web site is tired. Sex, sells - Drugs, can be useful (not illegal, ofcourse) - and creativity, is essential... I think I will keep it for now. Plus, I am targeting top mixologists and consumers 25-35. I want them to have fun with the product... The makers of Absinto Camargo and myself have worked hard to bring a superior liqueur to the market. It brings a great twist to cocktails - you must be carefull to drink it straight or over the ice, very strong... After all this thinking - I need an amazing cocktail, try these: THE GREEN FAIRY By John Mautone - Dylan Prime, NY www.dylanprime.com 1 1/2 oz Absinto Camargo 2 oz Midori Melon Liqueur 1 oz fresh lime juice 1/2 pineapple juice 1/2 oz simple syrup 1 oz Johnny Walker Black Combine ingredients in a shaker, shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass OR GREEN FAIRY MOJITO Jacques Bezuidenhout, San Francisco, California 1 1/2 oz Beleza Pura Super Premium Cachaça 1 oz Absinto Camargo 8-10 mint leaves Juice of a whole lime. simple syrup Splash of soda Muddle mint, lime juice and simple syrup. Add Beleza Pura and Absinto. Add a rocks glass full of crushed ice. Stir and add soda. Serve in a tall glass. Garnish with a mint sprig. I wish you all Absinthium dreams (sorry I missed the tasting w/slkinsey&pals)
  5. Greeting, Hopefully you checked out the site and looked for the Absinto. If you'd like to add my link on your site, you are most welcome. and thank you.
  6. Greetings Absinthe explorers. There is a new Absinthe available in NY, CT & FL, and June in NJ, it's called Absinto Camargo and is from Brazil. It retails for around $33 and you can buy it online at www.astorwines.com or www.bevmax.com. Both of these retailers can ship to around 30 states. I am the importer, and I also assisted in the formulation of the finished product. If interested I can give more information on the product or go to my web site www.belezabrazil.com there is a photo of the bottle - Oh, Steve Olson thought that this was one of the best Absinthes he had ever tasted. Hopefully I can put together a tasting in NYC for interested parties The product was made according to the old recipe with the exclusion of wormwood, we increased the mint and where very careful not to make it too sweet - I think it has a great balance. I hope to hear what others have to say.
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