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  1. Is it common for you to record dish desciptions David and have you been refused elsewhere? Be interesting to cross reference against any other negative posts
  2. Yesterday. I found it lacklustre and a little strange. It's a contemporary restaurant serving an outdated style of cuisine. The plates were too busy, too many ingredients, limited cohesion and balance. The style on the continent is now more minimalist (and ingredient focused) with a central ingredient supported by its accompaniments not overwhelmed by them. Gone are the days of reductions, streaks and blobs everywhere. Also I found £80 expensive considering the cheap ingedients used. FOH staff, particularly Emily, were great.
  3. The ham at José's half a portion to make it more accessible and more inline with the rest of the menu prices
  4. I'd be a little harder than Gary. I found it a disappointing meal regardless of the hype surrounding the opening. From the tapas, the salt and pepper red prawns were well prepared and tasty, the clams small and undistinguishable and the chipirone were quite poor; the batter was too thick and they lacked the texture of the freshest versions you find so easily on the continent. Also at £6.50 a plate hardly generous. The miso tar with the scallops and mackerel tartare was jarringly sweet, like liquid toffee, totally ruining the dish. The foie gras was quite good, though with no discernable smokin
  5. From the man with his photo and signature printed on his plates
  6. You've got to be pulled up for that; ever thought about writing a blog
  7. Rather than crying about it on the internet wouldn't you have been better served taking it up with the restaurant on the night in question?
  8. It's always been one of the better lunch deals but unfortunately only M-F.
  9. Agreed. Apart from a couple the standard's been dire. No wonder it's such hard work getting a decent restaurant meal in this country.
  10. What do you mean by "complete experience" and what are the other restaurants in your handful?
  11. I rate Fort as a judge but the other two are appalling for this competition. I've given up with it.
  12. Very beautiful plates indeed, but you have to wonder why the foodie community aren't talking about and heading to the restaurant in any great number. My guess? His food suffers from blandness due to his over focus on the nutritional side.
  13. To be fair they weren't given away and until they're received who knows if they'll like them or not?
  14. Yes, thank you Gary, you're a very generous dining companion
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